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Leman and Margaret
Married Mar 24, 1940 in White Plaines, NY

8. Dr. Leman Winfred Potter (photo) was born on Apr 30, 1914 in Syracuse, NY.  Photos of Leman when he was young

He was a Doctor. (1)

The inscriptions on the backs of some photos indicate that he was called Pete, and his son George confirms this, though there is no obvious reason for this nickname.

Leman went to Alfred University and was apparently a good student as attested by this clipping from the Syracuse Herald.

He died in Jan 1984 in Newark, NY, possibly from prostate cancer.(1)


9. Margaret Anna Barvian (photo) was born on Nov 5, 1914.

Margaret must have been a teacher at some point in her life, because in June of 1937, three years before her marriage, she applied for a Social Security Card and listed Winbrowe (sp?) School on 45 Prospect her place of employment. She listed her own address as 57 Clinton St.

She was sometimes called Mon by family members. 

She died in May 1984 in Newark, NY, within months of the death of her husband.(1)

Children were:

  • Sharon
  • George Platt Potter. (12/5/1941-5/24/2007)
  • William Leman (adopted)
  • Nancy Janice (1/29/47 - 3/1/47)