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16. Dr. Winfred Leman Potter (Certificate) was born on Oct 19, 1877 in Richmond, R.I. He died after 1934. He was married to Dr. Georgetta Platt Aller on Jun 12, 1906 in Brooklyn, NY.

Winfred's (1917-1918) Draft Registration Card has lots of interesting pieces of information about him.  He lists his address as 1918 S. Salina St. in Syracuse New York. 

He lists his hair as dark brown and his eyes as brown and asserts that he is tall and of medium build.  He also appears to have all of his body parts.


LEMAN W. POTTER, Homer, New York, born Scott, Cortland county, N. Y., April 26, 1853 ; literary education, Cortland Normal School and Alfred University, Alfred, N. Y., from which he graduated in 1876 ; attended' the New York Homœopathic Medical College and was licensed to practice in 1881 ; has practiced in Homer continuously since 1881, with the exception of six months spent in Scott, N. Y. ; was president of Homer board of education eleven years.

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17. Dr. Georgetta Platt Aller was born on Apr 15, 1881 in Brooklyn, NY. She was an honors student at Barnard College. She received her Medical Degree from the Women's Medical College before 1906.

Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929:
Died: Dec 31, 1929
Type of practice: Homeopathy
State/year of licenses: NY, 1907
Medical school: New York Medical College and Hospital for
Women Homeopathic, New York, 1906, (G)

Georgetta appears frequently in the Syracuse Herald Society pages.  She was an avid member of the DAR and was aparently their state National Defense Chairwoman for New York in 1936.  As such, she gave several talks on the subject of National Defense. 

She also appeared in the Society pages on the day of her daughter's wedding.

At the time of the 1910 Census, Winfred and Georgetta are living in Cortland New York.  Winfred is 32, Georgetta is 28 and they have a three year old daughter, Mary E.  Winfred is a physician and Georgetta lists "none" under her profession.  They own their home with a mortgage.

Children were:
childMary Elizabeth Potter Jones. (Wedding Announcement).(1907-2001)
child 8 i. Dr. Leman Winfred Potter. b. 1914

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