Married Sep 10 1879 by H.M. Sanders*.(9) (10)

34. Thomas Gustin Aller was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Feb 21 1853.(6) (7) He died on Apr 30 1930 also in Brooklyn.(8)

He was also known as T. Gustin. Or possibly just Gustin.

Oddly, There is a civil war pension document for Gustin, which is only odd because the war ended when he would have been about 15.

civil war doc

Brooklyn, New York Directories, 1888-1890 Record
about Gustin T. Aller*

Name: Gustin T. Aller
Location 2: 183 S. Oxford
Occupation: bookkpr.
Year: 1889, 1890
City: Brooklyn
State: NY

This might be the same guy - it is hard to tell.
35. Mary Eliza "Marty" Platt was born on Nov 23 1858 in Brooklyn, N.Y.(11) She died on Mar 22 1942 in Coronado, CA. I have heard that guideboats on Lake Placid are known as "Mary Elizas" after her.

After her husband's death, or possibly even before, Marty went to Coronado to keep house for her son, Harris, an Officer in the Navy, station in San Diego.  She supposedly lived in the Coronado Hotel.  Upon her death, her daughter Georgetta flew to San Diego to take her home for burial.

Marty  Platt Aller Death Notice

From the Brooklyn Eagle. Sept 11, 1879.

Children were:

child17 i.  Dr. Georgetta Platt Aller.
child Dr. Thomas Gustin Aller Jr.
child Harris Coles Aller (Picture)

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