68. Amos Aller was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on March 6th
1809 and Died in Brooklyn on Sept 30 1874.

Amos Aller found in:
Genealogical Records: New York, 1675-1920
Event: Lived in: 1850
Place: New York City County: New York
Comments: Plush
Source: Doggett'S New York City Directory,1849-1850
Publisher: John Doggett, Jr. & Co.
Publication Information: NY, NY, 1850.
Page: 26 Province: New York

Biographical sketches and lineages of members
of the General Society of the War of 1812

69. Sarah Hester Gustin was born in Brooklyn on Nov. 15 1818. She died in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. October 25th, 1905.

Memorial of the Morses, but Abner Morse says that she was born Nov 15, 1816 (pg. 216)

Children were:

child34 i. Thomas Gustin Aller.

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