Married Nov 2 1655 in Newport, RI.(36)

4182. Robert Burdick was born between 1630 and 1635 in England. He died in 1692. (36)

From The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island :
The First Burdick of Record in America was Robert burdick, who was living at Newport, R.I., in 1655. He came from England to Newport in 1651.

From The Genealogical Index of Rhode Island :
1652, Nov 19 -- He was baptised by Joseph Torrey.
1656 -- Freeman.
1661, Nov. 1 -- Westerly. He an Tobias Saunders, were arrested by Walter Palmer, constable, and soon after brought before Governer John Endicott, charged with forcible entry and intrusion into the bounds of Southertown, in the Pequot country. He acknowledged he was upon the same land and built a small house there. They were committed to prison, both refusing to find security for appearance at General Court.
1662, May 22 -- In a letter from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, mention is made of the imprisonment by the latter state of Robert Burdick and Tobias Saunders for not producing their deeds of Narragansett lands.
1669, May 18 -- His name was on a list of inhabitants of Westerly.
1671, May 17 -- He took oath of allegiance.
1675, Jul. -- He and his family came to Newport on account of the Indian war, returning to Westerly subsequently.
1679, Sep. 17 -- He took oath of allegiance.
1680-83-85 -- Deputy
1683, Sep. 17 -- Samuel Hubbard, having returned to Newport, having returned from a journey to Rye, &c., detailed some of the events of the trip. He says: 'at Westerly, the first day after Sabbath, brother Burdick buried a son,' and among others there, were grandson John Phillips, and Ruth his wife, and Benjamin Burdick; 'a very great burial, above twenty horses.'
1691, May 17 -- He and his wife Ruth, sold John Macoone 100 acres for 10 pounds.
1692, Mar. 8 -- He made an agreement with his son-in-law, Joseph Crandall, by which latter was to take care of his father-in-law and find him with suitable meat, drink, washing, lodging and apparel , &c. for life, in consideration of which, Joseph Crandall was to have the dwelling house and land adjoining, forever, and until Robert Burdick's death, to have also use of oxen, cart, two cows, and eight swine, and then to be returned to be disposed of by will, except the cart and wheels.
1692, Oct. 25 -- He having died without perfecting his will, an agreement was made by his sons and his sons-in-law. What their father has disposed of by legacy was to stand, and what remained, to be divided into nine parts. To son-in-law John Phillips one part. The other eight parts to go to daughters Naomi Rogers and Tacy Maxson, only his wearing apparel to be divided between is sons, Thomas, Benjamin and Samuel. The lands of deceased that are undivided to go to Samuel, Robert and Hubbard Burdick. To son Thomas, two oxen and a hog. To daughter Deborah Crandall, bed, warming pan, &c, To daughter Ruth Phillips, iron pot, a swine, &c. To son Benjamin, heifer, swine and an iron pot. To son Samuel a heifer and a swine. To son Robert a cow. To son Hubbard a cow. To daughter Naomi Rogers a swine, &c. To daughter Tacy Maxson, a swine.
Inventory, 2 oxen, 2 cows, 2 heifers, 6 swine, mare, wearing apparel, warming pan, pewter, &c. 

4183. Ruth Hubbard was born on Jan 11 1640. (36) She is said in The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island to be the first immigrant child born in Agawam (now Springfield, Ma). She died after 1691. (79)

Children were:


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