Married between 1680 and 1690 in Westerly, RI.(33)

2072. Thomas Burdick (5) was born in 1655/56 in Newport, RI. (33) (5) Newport Sabbatarian Church He died in Jun 1732 in Stonington, CT.

From the Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 31: and The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island :

1679, Sept. 17 -- Westerly.
1687, May 26 -- "At a towne meeting held in Haversham voted that Edwark Larkin, John Maxson, Peter Crandall, John Lewis, James Babcock, Se., and Thomas Burdick are appointed to go to Capt. James Pendleton, seeing he did persist in fencing the towns priviledges and particula men's properties, notwithstanding he had been forewarned from time to time, whether he have order from his excellency for his soe proceedeig as he doth, and likewise to show it , and if he refused to give authority, to forewarn him for any further proceeding as he did, if not the town would take another course."
1692. -- Thomas Burdick was among 33 inhabitants of Westerly who took oath of fidelity to His Majesty King Charles II at the Colony of Rhode Island at a court held at Westerly by Governer (major) John Cranston.
1692, Oct. 25 A free inhabitant of Westerly owning Lot 37.
1694, May -- "The 19th day of the third month ([aparently] May) 1694 the church met and brake bread, and Thomas Burdick and his wife Martha Burdick and Joseph Clark, Jr., were proposed for membership and were baptized the following day." (Record of the Newport Sabbatarian Church)
1701, Aug. 8 -- Thomas and Martha Burdick Deeded land at Westerly to Samuel Lewis (Westerly Deeds, Vol.2 p. 6)
1705, March 14-- Peter Crandall deeded a half acre of land to to Thomas Burdick and others for a site for the Westerly Sabbatarian Church. The Minister's Monument in the First Hopkinton Cemetery is the location of this old church.
1708, Sept. 17 -- For a long time, the Sabbatarians had formed one congregation, meeting alternately at Newport and Westerly, though distant 30 miles. At a yearly meeting held on this day the Westerly Church was made a distinct congragation with John Maxson as Elder. Thomas Burdick was one of the original members and his name appears on the rolls.
1711, Oct. 2 Thomas Burdick was one of the 33 purchasers of 5300 acres of land in Narragansett ordered sold by the R.I. General Assembly.
1718, Aug. 19 -- Thomas Burdick bought land from Edward Denison for 350 pounds and removed to Stonington.
1722, Aug, 17 -- Deeded land to son Robert.
1725 or 1727 -- Deeded land to son Thomas, Jr.
1728 -- Deeded land to son Samuel.
1732 -- Agreement filed at stonington between Robert, Thomas and Samuel concerning certain lands of their late father. No record of a will or an estate inventory.

2073. Martha(5) was born about 1656 in Stonington, CT. She died in 1728 in Stonington, CT.

Children were

1036 i. Samuel Hubbard Burdick.

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