Married 1714. (33)

1052. Hubbard Burdick was born in 1670 in Westerly, RI. (33) He died in 1758 in Hopkinton, RI.(36) From The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 31: and The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island :
1692, Oct 27 -- Westerly. By agreement of the heirs of Robert Burdick, Hubbard receives one-third of the undivided lands and a cow. 1702, June 20 -- Westerly. Admitted Freeman. 1702-3 -- Granted 100 acres of land. 1711, Oct 2 -- He and thirty-three others bought 5,300 acres of the vacant lands.
1727 -- Member of the Town Council
1733 -- Appointed Guardian of Tobias Brand Jr. 1738, Mar. 28 -- Bought land from Jonathan and Judith Burdick. 1740, Oct. 13 -- Bought Land from John and Rebecca Burdick. 1752, Mar. 19 -- Will -- proved 1758, Apr. 19. Exs. sons Hubbard and Nathan. To son Hubbard, certain land west of farm, south side of highway, &c., great bible, great pot, feather bed and half of farming utensils. To son Nathan remainder of farm, south side of highway, bed, looking glass and other half of farming utensils. To son John, certain land, a bed and 20 pounds and he to clear the mortgage. To son Ezekiel, 3 acres, a bed and 170 pounds and the mortgage on his land to be cleared by sons Nathan and Hubbard. To grandchildren 20 shillings apeice. To son hubbard, two-fifths of rest of estate and each other son one-fifth.

Inventory 1,486 pounds, viz: chest, money, due by notes 425 pounds, 13 shillings, 4d., desperate debts 66 pounds, 2 beds loom, warming pan, cow, heifer, yearling, mare, old wheel, 8 sheep, iron, goose, &c.
1053. Hannah Maxson was born about 1680.(33) She died after 1752 in Hopkinton, RI.(33)

Children were:

child520 i.  Ezekial Burdick.

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