Married 1665 in Westerly, RI. (5)

4148. John Maxson was born in 1639 in Newport, RI.(100) He died on Dec 17 1720 in Westerly, RI.(101)   His Father's name was Richard.

From The Maxson family: Descendants of John Maxson and wife Mary Mosher of Westerly, Rhode Island

In 1661 John Maxson with others formed a company at Newport for purchasing and settling a tract of land called by the indians Misquamcut which now comprises Westerly, Charlestown and Hopkinton R.I..  He was maried about 1665 and was made a freeman at Westerly Oct. 29 1668...The colony of Westerly had connected itself as a branch of the Seventh Day Baptist Church of which William Hiscox was pastor.  John Maxson was a member of this branch church before 1692.  In 1708 the Westerly branch was made a separate church.  Sept 20, 1798 John Maxson Sr. was ordained to the office of Elder (pastor) tot he congregation in and about Westerly, now called First Hopkinton S.D.B.C. at Ashway R.I.

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 342:
1661, Mar. 22 -- He signed certain articles in regard to Misquamicut (Westerly) lands.
1668, Oct. 29 -- Westerly. Freeman.
1669, May 18 -- His name was in a list of inhabitants.
1670-86-90-1705-- Deputy.
1677, Oct. 24 -- He was excused from serving on jury because his mother-in-law and wife were both sick.
1687 -- Overseer of the poor. He was chosen this year with another to present a petition to Sir Edmund Andros for a town charter.
1687-88 -- Grand Jury.
1690, Sep. 16 -- He and two others were appointed by the Assembly to proportion a rate for Westerly.
1692, Mar. 28 -- He had a grant of fifty acres near Captain Joseph Davol's.
1694, Mar. 11 -- He sold the above land to Edward Larkin.
1702, Mar 4 -- He was one of the proprietors in common lands at Newport.
1707, Jun. 25 -- He deeded son Jonathan, for love &c, 22 acres.
1708, Sep. 20 -- Elder of Seventh Day Baptist Church. 'Our beloved brother John Maxson, Sr. was ordained to the office of an Elder to the congregation in and about Westerly.'
1716, Jan. 22 -- Will -- proved 1721, Feb 16. Exs. three sons John, Joseph, and Jonathan. To wife, 40 pounds, 2 cows, with keep of same, and the house we now live in to be her abode for life. To son John, 5 pounds, and iron kettle, and great bible which was my father's. To son Joseph, husbandry tools, riding mare and 3 pounds. To son Jonathan, 20s. To daughter Hannah Maxson, a feather bed. To grandsons John, son of John, John, son of Joseph, and John, son of Jonathan, 20s each. To son Joseph's 5 daughters, viz: Tacy, Judith, Mary, Ruth and Elizabeth Maxson, each 10s. To Daughter Mary Lewis, 12 pounds. To children of deceased daughter Dorothy Clarke, each 40s., viz: to Freegift, Dorothy, Experience, and Joseph.
Inventory. Mare, colt, bonds, wearing apparel, bible, books, including 'Doolittle on Sacrament,' feather beds, warming pan, pewter, &c.

4149. Mary Mosher (Moshier?) was born in 1641 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.(102) She died on Feb 2 1718 in Westerly, RI.(103) (5) Buried in Clarke Burying Ground, Westerly, RI.

Children were:
child1044  Jonathan Maxson. 1639-1720
child2074  Elder John Maxson.1666-1748
Joseph  1672-1750
child1041 ii.  Hannah Maxson.   abt 1680

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