Married May 1, 1707.(62)

1044. Jonathan Maxson was born in 1680.(33) He died on Nov 20 1732.(33)

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 343:
1732, Jun. 8 -- Will -- Proved 1732, Dec. 25. Exs. Wife Content and Son John. To wife, a third of real estate for life, and a third of movables forever, the west end of dwelling house while widow, and profits of sons' part till they are of age. To son Jonathan a quarter of a certain tract of land and 100 pounds. To son Caleb, a quarter of same land. to son Joseph, the other half of said land. To son John, half of the homestead where the house stands. To son Samuel, other half of homestead. To daughter Content Babcock, a feather bed, two cows, and if she outlive her husband, the same to go to her daughter Anne. To daughter Naomi Maxson, 10 pounds, bed, &c. To two youngest sons and three daughters equally, the rest of movable estate left at death of wife.
Inventory, 713 pounds 1s 5d., viz: bonds, warming pan, 4 oxen, pair of steers, 7 cows, 6 two years, yearling, 7 calves, 7 shoats, 47 sheep, two year horse, mare, 14 turkeys, 13 geese, 43 fowls, featherbeds, bee hives, &c.

1045. Content Rogers was born in 1688.(33) She died in Jul 1768.(33)

Children were:
child522 i.  Samuel Maxson.

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