Married Junuary 4, 1636 at Windsor, CT by Mr. Ludlow.

8366. Samuel Hubbard.

From The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island :

From the Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, Vol. 3, p. 82:
A singular Gravestone:
Samuel Hubbard age 10 of May 78 yeres
Old Tase Hubbard aged the 27 Sep 79 yeres and 7 mons 4 Jen maryed 51
years 1688 14 Vpsal4. God has given us 7 children 4 ded 3 living
Ruth Burdick 11, 1 ded, 10 living
Rachel Langworthy hat 10 children 3 ded 7 living. Bethiah Clark 9
Great Grandchildren
Naomi (B) Rogers 1 ded 4 alyfe
Ruth (B) Phillips 1 ded 4 alyfe
Judah (C) Maxson
Thomas Burd

"I took this inscription off a gravestone in a family burying place on Baptist Berkleys White hall Farm on Rh. Isls, about A.D. 1763. Collecter Robinson bought the Lease about 1765 and demolished the gravestones and put them into a wall: so that all is lost. From a loose paper which I, wrote in 1763 I now copy here. This Samuel Hubbard was a Baptist Teacher, settled at Newport about 1648 and made this Eben. 168. Intricate as it seems, more is contained on this stone than can be given in other words in so small a space. I think 1688 must be a year common to Four dates. I should suppose tha stone erected Sep 27, 1688, when wife was ages 79 and 7 mo., and Mr. Hubbard was aged 78 on May 10 that year and on 4 Jany they had been married 51 years. The 14 Vpsal 4 is the 145th Psalm and the 4th Verse-'One generation shall praise thy works to another.' The (B) and (C), I think a beauticy way of expressing lineal Descents. Thus Naomi (B) Rogers, I take to be Naomi Burdick who married Rogers -- So Judah Maxson was the Daughter of Bethiah Clark wan it will be read Judah Clark Maxson."

He was married to Tacy (or Tasy) Cooper on Junuary 4, 1636. They were married at Windsor, CT by Mr. Ludlow. "They were both in the party that marched through the wilderness in the hard winter of 1635 from Watertown, Mass. to become the founders of Connecticut. On account of persecution for expressing Baptist views, Mr. Hubbard finally, in 1648, sought refuge in Rhode Island. In 1664 he was appointed General Solicitor of the Colony. December 23, 1668, with his wife, one daughter, and four other persons he formed the first Seventh Day Baptist Church in America. He died between 1688 and 1692 and his wife after 1697, but no traces of their burial places have been found. Tasy (Cooper) Hubbard...was, in 1664 the first convert in America to the doctrine that no authority existed or could exist for altering God's decree estabishing the sevent day as the Sabbath by the substitution of another day. She came to Dorchester, June 9, 1634 from England and was 28 years old when married (History or Winsor, Conn.). "
8367. Tacy Cooper

child2081 i.  Ruth Hubbard.

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