4098. John Tripp (57) was born in 1640 in Portsmouth, RI.
Says birth 1640 He died on Nov 20 1719 in Portsmouth, RI. (36)
From ellibee:

"John TRIPP was born about 1640. He interited on 28 Oct 1678 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. (9) the homestead and other Portsmouth holdings from his father. He signed a will on 7 Sep 1716 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. (10) It was created on this date and proven on Dec 14 1719. His eldest son John is named executor and is devised all housing and land at Portsmouth "whereon I now dwell", but is to pay his mother 4 pounds yearly for life and his brother Lot 5 pounds. To his son Benjamin John left a Bible, to his son Othniel the big guest pewter basin at his mother's death, to his son Lot the biggest pewter platter on the same condition, to his daughter Susannna, wife of Thomas Potter, his bell metal skillet, to his daughter Mary Potter his brass kettle. His son John also received the great chest, soit and dripping pan, while his wife Susanna, who in the event did not survive him, was bequeathed the rest of the movables. The estate inventory amounted to 9 pounds s14 in money and personal property. He died on 20 Nov 1719 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. (11)

He was married to Susanna TRIPP (ANTHONY) (daughter of John ANTHONY and Susanna ANTHONY (POTTER)) on 7 Sep 1665.(12) Susanna TRIPP (ANTHONY) was born in 1644.
She died in 1716. John TRIPP and Susanna TRIPP (ANTHONY) had the following children:

+13 i. Susanna (TRIPP) POTTER.
+14 ii. Mary TRIPP.
+15 iii. John TRIPP.
+16 iv. Othniel TRIPP.
+17 v. Benjamin TRIPP.
+18 vi. Lott TRIPP."

He was married to Susanna Anthony on Sep 7 1665 in Portsmouth, RI. (94)(36)

4099. Susanna Anthony was born in 1644 in Portsmouth, RI. She died on Nov 20 1719 in Portsmouth, RI. Children were:

child2049 i. Susanna Tripp.

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