8196. John Tripp (57) was born on Feb 6 1610 in Barton on Humber, Lincolnshire, England. He immigrated in 1630 to Newport, RI. Probably one of the Signers of the compact enterest in portsmouth in April 30 1699 He died on Oct 28 1678. He was also known as John the Founder.


" John TRIPP lived in 1610/11 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.(1) From: Immigrant Ancestors, A list of 2.500 Immigrants before 1750, Extracted from Vol 7, page 67, Compendium of
American Genealogy

"TRIPP, Hon. John (1610/11-1678) , from Eng.; first record of him in America, when he became an original founder and propr. of Portsmounth, R.I., 1638; in 1660 he deposed in court and stated his age as about 49; dep. R.I. Gen. Assembly, 1648, 1654-58, 1661-64, 1666-69, 1672; commr. Ct. of Commissioners, 1655; asst. or mem. Gov.'s Council, 1670; 1673-75; m. 1639 Mary (d. 1687), dau. of Anthony Paine, m. Rose Potter." He was born about 1610 in England. (2) George L. Randall has written that he saw a document which appeared to be a copy of John's own statement about his origins: " viz., I John Tripp, b. Northumberland Co., Eng., Son of John and Isabel (Moses) of Lincolnshire: b. 1610; was apprenticed to the house carpentry trade, and with his Master, Randall Holden, came to Newport or Portsmouth, in 1630; after completing his time he married Mary Paine, dau. of Anthony, and had 11 children -- the paper ends by naming the first child." Mr. Randall does not disclose the whereabouts of this important document, nor does he explain the reason for its change from first to third person. He emigrated in 1635 from Canterbury area of co. Kent, England. (3) Another source finds the family roots here and that John Tripp came on the same ship as William Hall and that his name appears in 1638 on the Aquidneck Group Covenant with the heads of eleven other families with whom the Tripps were to intermarry. He participated in a Special Event occurred when he signed the Compact of Portsmouth with twenty-eight others. on 30 Apr 1639 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.(4) He participated in a Special Event occured when he signed a covenant for human love and liberty in Dec 1647 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. (5) He died in 1677/78 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He was also known as Tripp, Trip and Trippe..(6) Nowadays the final "e" has been largely dropped and the name is almost entirely always spelled with a double "p". Most of the New England Tripps appear to be descended from John Tripp, an immigrant to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, many of whose descendants professed the Quaker faith. He lived in New Bedford, Mass..(7) From The Document of John Tripp in the New Bedford, MA library:
The resolution of John the said John Tripp concerning the places of his abode. First I was born in Covetown (or Horetow, Covetown) in Lincolnshire 3 miles from Benton Harbor, and my
father's name was John Tripp and my mother's name was Isabel Moses and before she married my father when she was a maid and they had about twelve children and much kindred we had and when I grew in years I was put an apprentice to a shapt (ships?) carpenter whose name was John Baaty (Beety, Beedy?) of [Horys]bury three miles of from Alsand in Lincolnshire aforesaid where i served years and sometime after wrought with him and after that I bound myself to owe Frances East for 4 pounds a year for 4 years who sold me and I had served him and his assign for about a year and a half. He sold me to Robert Jafra (Jeffery?) then living in Boston and Boston church members persecuted some to the offending of others. My master came to Rhode Island with the said persecuted people and I with him and his wife being sickly and they could not get their maid to Rhode Island with them. People whom the said members and expelled from them. Therefore my master was forced to sell me to Randall Houlding of Portsmouth on Rhode Island and I served a while and after bought out the rest of time of him and after a while I married a wife whose maiden name was Mary Paine. I being about thirty or twenty eight years old or thereabouts, and the Lord hath given us eleven children of when one is dead. The eldest is 29 years old and ---- this 17 on the second month 1670. Praised be thee our Rock who hath been help and unto us at all times give what thou pleased. It is mercy from thee to rerceive anything for the earth and sea is all thine and the fullness thereof.

Chronology of John Tripp
1610-1635 Lincolnshire
1635-36 Boston
1636-37 Providence
1637-1677 Portsmouth
1640 md. Mary Paine
1678 died
He lived in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. From a book on the history of Portsmouth, RI

"Richard Searl, a seaman in the early 1600's sold his three acre tract of land to Mary Paine for one pint of wine. She married John Tripp and later, on part of this land, they lived in a house and operated a ferry to Bristol. Their home is now the present address of the Pocasett Country Club."

John Tripp also had a ferry here and the first mention made is in 1676 when Captain Church of Tiverton, the famous Indian fighter, crossed to Bristol on Tripp's ferry. John Tripp died in
1677 and his wife Mary, continued the business probably with male help. She recieved a license in 1679 to sell food, drink and entertainment. In 1722 Abiel Tripp now calls himself a
ferryman of Portsmouth."

He was married to Mary TRIPP (PAINE) (daughter of Anthony PAINE and Unknown first wife PAINE) about 1639 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.(8) The will of Anthony Paine, dated May
6, 1649 and proved the following year makes specific reference to his daughter Mary Tripp. John TRIPP and Mary TRIPP (PAINE) had the following children:

+2 i. John TRIPP.
+3 ii. Peleg TRIPP.
+4 iii. Joseph TRIPP.
+6 v. Elizabth HALL (TRIPP).
+7 vi. Alice HALL (TRIPP).
+8 vii. Isabel SHERMAN (TRIPP).
9 viii. Abiel TRIPP was born about 1653 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died on 10 Sep 1684 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
10 ix. James TRIPP was born about 1656 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died on 30 May 1730 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
+11 x. Martha SHERMAN (TRIPP).
12 xi. Sylvanus TRIPP was born in 1660 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died in 1741 in Kittery, Maine -- York County.

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He was married to Mary Paine in 1639 in Portsmouth, RI. (124)

8197. Mary Paine (94) was born in 1605 in Portsmouth, RI. She died on Feb 12 1687 in Portsmouth, RI. Later Married Benjamin Engell/Ingell (NEM<1700) Children were:

child4098 i. John Tripp.

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