8198. John Anthony was born in 1607 in Hempstead, England.(36) He died on Jul 28 1675.(125)
From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, pg 4:

"He was an innkeeper, as well as having other occupations.
1634, Apr. 16 - He came in the ship Hercules, to New England.
1641, Mar. 16 - Freeman.
1642, Oct. - He sold Ricahrd Tew, of Newport, 'for good causes, &c., three parcels of land in Newport, east from the Newport Mill, within a tract called the great enclosure, amounting to 50 acres -- 40 acres given me by town grant; 10 as a servant, at my first coming: also two parcels marsh. Witnesses Susanna Anthony and Joseph Ladd.'
1644 - Corporal.
1644, Nov. 14 - He had land granted at the wading river.
1655 - Freeman
1655, May 25 - He was appointed by the court of commissioners, to keep a house of entertainment. A convenient sign was to be set out at the most perspicuous place of said house, to give notice to strangers.
1661 - Commissioner.
1662, Dec. 29 - He had confirmation by commissioners, of a house and land that he had bought about 20 years before of Robert Potter, deceased. Testimony had before this been given by John Potter, son of Robert, that, in his conscience, he did believe his father sold said house to 'my uncle, John Anthony', and he engaged, that when he, John potter, came to full age of twenty-one, he would confirm the sale.
1663, Dec. 3 - He bought a house and three acres in Portsmouth, of Thomas Clark and Jane, of Newport.
1666, Nov. 7 - He sold Daniel Vaughan, of Newport, House and 35 acres, &c., in Portsmouth for 80 pounds.
1666-72 - Deputy.
1675, Jul. 23 - Will -- proved 1675, Aug. 21. ex.Son John. Overseers, friends Robert Hodgson and Robert Dennis. To son John, all housing and land in Portsmouth, also my loom or looms. To daughter Susanna Tripp, 15 sheep and a cow. To daughter Elizabeth Greene, 15 sheep and a cow. to all my children, Viz: John. Joseph, Abrahan, Susanna and Elizabeth, rest of estate, equally."

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He was married to Susanna Potter on Sep 13 1637 in Portsmouth, RI. (36)

8199. Susanna Potter was born in 1623. Children were:

child4099 i. Susanna Anthony.

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