Married November 4, 1899*
ArthurLeroyMcQuinn  Tillie Malkson Mcquinn 1912

22. Arthur Leroy McQuinn (photo) was born on August 22, 1877 or August 12, 1878.(Sources vary) in Ellsworth,  Maine, and died on May 10th, 1962 in Bar Harbor, Maine.

On Arthur's Draft Registration document (1917/1918), he lists his address as 14 Glen Mary in Bar Harbor, which is now McEys resale shop.  He also asserts that he is of medium height and build, has grey eyes, brown hair and all of his body parts.

In the 1935 Bar Harbor city directory, Arthur L. Mcquinn is listed as second lieut. of Mount Desert Hose Number 1.

23. Matilda ("Tillie") Jane Malkson was born in the same year as her husband Arthur, also in Maine.  She died in 1913.

At the time of  the 1900 Census, Arthur and and Tillie were newlyweds, renting a home, and they had living with them Tillie's sister Vesta who was a few years older than Tillie. 
Arthur lists his profession as   which could be plumber or it could be matador.  It's really hard to tell.

In 1912, Arthur and Tillie had a photo taken with all of their kids.

On the 1930 Census document which I downloaded from, Arthur listed his occupation as Fireman and the value of his home as $4000.  If I am reading the document correctly, his salary was $1599.  They are both listed as 52 years old.  I think Susan Allen Potter, his granddaughter mentioned that she had called him "Grampy" McQuinn, but it sounded to me like "Grampyquinn."  Susan says that Arthur eventually became Fire Chief, and that he retired just before there was a terrible fire in Bar Harbor (1947).

*David Allen has scanned the Marriage Certificate.

Children were:

childMadeline MacQuinn (August 19, 1901). d. Mar 1977, Largo, FL.
childEvelyn MacQuinn (April 18, 1903).
childMarguerite MacQuinn (April 27, 1904).
childPhoebe MacQuinn (April 21, 1905).
childArthur Leroy MacQuinn Jr. (July 9, 1906). d. 24 Nov 1971, Bar Harbor, ME.
childMuriel MacQuinn (May 20, 1908 - Jan. 4, 2001). (Obit.)
childHarold MacQuinn (May 10, 1910).
child11 i. Tillie McQuinn   b. October 4, 1911

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