Married 1662 in Westerly, RI. (73)

4100. John Babcock was born in 1644. He died in 1685.(36)

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island:
Tradition gives his wife as being Mary, daughter of Thomas Lawton, an impossibility since Thomas Lawton had no such daughter. Other fiction comes with the tradition but it is assumed to be so far true that if George Lawton be substituted for Thomas the tradition may be sustained as to marriage.

1669, May 18. Freeman.
1678, Jun. 12. Conservator of the Peace.
1679, Sep. 17. He took oath of allegiance.
1682-84. Deputy.
1685, Jun 4. Inventory, 790 pounds 3 s., vis: 43 steers, 33 cows, 8 working oxen, 9 three year steers, 9 two year cattle, 21 yearlings, 52 horses, mares and colts, 3 riding horses, old ambling horse, horse called James, 100 sheep, 50 lambs, 76 swine, Ox, 2 bulls, 8 beds, silver cup, a dozen pewter platters, a dozen porringers, 2 flagons, warming pan, 3 canoes, 2 steel traps, negro boy, 20 pounds, 2 indian men and an indian girl, 30 pounds, a steer, mare, a 4 more horses, &c.
1685, Jun. 26. Will, made by town council, he having died intestate. Exs. Widow Mary. Personal estate devided as follows: to widow, 263 pounds 7s. 8 d.. To nine of the children 57 pounds 2 s. 40 each at age, viz: to Ann, Mary, John, Job, George, Elihu, Robert, Joseph, and Oliver Babcock. The real estate was divided by agreement between James Babcock (son and rightful heir to John, deceased), and his mother, the agreement being ratified by town council. To James, half the farm we are now dwelling on, and the new dwelling house, he relinquishing to his mother all the rest of the lands.
1689, Dec. 26. Mrs. Mary Babcock, with John Fairfield and wife Anphillis, to maintain them in meat, drink, clothing, &c., they binding themselves to her in all their estate of land and movables, to be entirely hers.
1696, Dec. 28. Mary Babcock, widow, deeded son George, for love &c., 106 acres.
1699, Mar. 11. James and John Babcock deeded to Oliver for brotherly love &c., certain land commodius and convenient to dwelling house which was formerly our father, John Babcock's, and also land that was formerly our father-in-law (i.e. stepfather) Erasmus Babbitt's, said land to be Oliver's at decease of our mother, Mary Babbitt.
1698, Apr. 21. The following "orphans" of John Babcock, chose their brother James for Guardian, viz: Elihu, Robert, Joseph and Oliver.

From Babcock:
John Babcock received from the company an apportionment of land the same as the other settlers. The town records of WEsterly show that in 1669 John Babcock was given the twenty-seventh lot. It is certain that he settled on the banks of the Pawtucket River near what is now Avondale R.I. and that his oldest son James, inherited and occupied the homestead.some of the homestead land has never passed from the ownership of the descendants of John, as the widow of Ezra Babcock, son of Daniel and Nancy (Babcock) Babcock, owns and occupies a house at Avondale, which, it is claimed stands upon the same lot on which John and Mary (Lawton) Babcock built their first home.

This source gives much more detail on the life of John.

4101. Mary Lawton was born in 1644 in Portsmouth, RI.(5) She died on Nov 8 1711 in Westerly, RI.(5)

The first apparent European Settlers [of Westerly R.I.] were John and Mary Babcock, who eloped and made this western coastal area their home in 1648. Residents from Newport, Providence, and Warwick soon followed. 

This legend is recorded in Westerly and its Witnesses

Children were:

child2050 i.  George Babcock.
child1048 ii.  Col. Oliver Babcock.

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