Married 1627 in Portsmouth, RI. (5)

8202. George Lawton Jr. (5) was born on Sep 23 1607 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.(5) He died on Oct 5 1693 in Portsmouth, RI.(5)
He is buried in his Portsmouth orchard. There is also another marriage on record at the LDS FamilySearch to Mary Hopkins 1/27/1635, oddly enough in Bedfordshire.

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 121-122:

1638 -- He was admitted an inhabitant of Aquidneck.

1639, Apr. 30 -- He and twenty-eight others signed the following compact: 'We whose namers are underwritten do acknowledge ourselves the legal subjects of his Majesty King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politicke, unto his laws according to matters of justice.'

1648 -- Member of the Court of Trials.

1648, Jan. 25 -- He had 40 acres granted him 'near his brother Thomas.'

1655 -- Freeman.

1665-72-75-76-79-80 -- Deputy.

1671, Aug. 31 -- A meeting at his house of the Town Council and the Council of War of the two towns, was ordered by Assembly to be held on September 5th, at nin o'clock in the forenoon; 'there and then to consider of some of the ways and means for securing the inhabitants and their estate in these times of imminent danger.' Twenty horseman (ten from each town) completely armed, were to attend at same time and place for the defense of said Council there sitting, treachery of the Indians being feared.

1672, Mar. 2 -- He sold to Richard Smith, merchant of Newport, 24 acres in Conanicut.

1676, Apr. 4 -- It was voted by the Assembly: 'That in these troublesome times and straits in thiscolony, the Assembly desiring to have the advice and concurrence of the most judicious inhabitiants , if it may be had for the good of the whole, do desire at their next sitting, the company and council of ' sixteen persons, among them George Lawton.

1676, May 2 -- He and John Easton were desired to go to providence , with all convenient speed, to determine whether garrisons shall be kept there at charge of colony, a petition having been sent to the Assemblyfrom that place concerning their distressed condition in these present time of wars with the Indians.

The messengers were not to exceed the number of three garrisons, with twenty men placed in the at charge of colony, and to continue not above one month's time unlessAssembly saw cause longer to continue them.

1678, Oct. 30 -- There was ordered by Assembly a meeting to be at his house 13th of Jan., next to adjudge and auditall accounts between towns of Newport and Portsmouth, relating to the late Indian wars.

1680, May 5 -- He and two others were empowered by Assembly to purchase a bell 'for the public use of this colony, and for giving notice, or signifying the several times or sittings of the assemblys and Courts of Trial and General Councils.' The bell was purchased for 3 pounds 10 shillings, of Freelove Arnold, daughter of Governor Benedict Arnold. Earlier than this the Assembly had been called together by beat of drum.

1680-81-82-83-84-85-86-89-90 -- Assistant.

1688, Jun. 2 -- He deeded son Robert, for love &c, all goods, chattels, debts, bills, bonds, movables and immovables.

1690, Jan. 30 -- He and five other assistants with the Deputy Governor, wrote a letter to their Majesties William and Mary, congratulating them on their accession to the crown, and informing them that since the deposition of Governor Andros, the former government under the Charter had been reassumed, and mentioning also the seizure of Andros, in Rhode Island on his flight from confinement in Massachusetts, and his return to Massachusetts on demand of latter colony.

8203. Elizabeth Hazard died in 1711 in Portsmouth, RI.(5) She was born in Portsmouth, RI.(5)

Children were:

child2097 i.  Mary Lawton.

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