Married about 1629

16406. Thomas Hazard Jr. (144) was born in 1610 in Nottinghamshire, England.(145) (122)(36) He died in 1680 in Portsmouth, RI.(146) (122) He was a Ship Carpenter, surveyor and planter. (124)

From Colonial Families of the United States, Volume 3:

"Thomas Hazard, of Nottinghamshire, England, the progenitor of the Hazard family in America, was b. 1610; d 1680. He was in Boston in 1635 and was admitted freeman 25th Mar. 1638. Freeman of Portsmouth, R.I. 1640. 28th Apr. 1639, with 8 others, signed the contract for the settlement of Newport, R.I.. 12th Mar 1640 appointed member of the General Court of Elections. Member of the Governor's Council, 10th Dec. 1654. Member for Newton, L.L., of the Provincial Convention fo November and December, 1653. m. (firstly) Martha (surname unknown), who d. 1669; m. (secondly) Martha Sheriff, d. 1691 widow of Thomas Sherriff."

From Colonial Records of Rhode Island:

"Newport Records 1639-1647
Pocasset on the 28th of the 2d [month], 1639

It is agreed by us whose hands are underwritten, to propagate a plantation in the midst of the Island or elsewhere; And doe engage ourselves to bear equall charges, answerable to our strength and estates in comon; and that our determinations shall be by major voice of judge and elders; the Judge to have a double voice"

W. Coddington, Judge
Nicholas Easton, Elder
John Coggeshall, Elder
William Brenton, Elder
John Clarke
Jeremy Clerke
Thomas Hazard
Henry Bull
William Dyre, Cl'k

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 320:

He was a ship carpenter.

1635 -- He was at Boston thus early.
1636, Mar. 25 -- Freeman
1638 -- Portsmouth. He was among those admitted as inhabitants of Aquidneck.
1639, Apr. 28 -- He and eight others signed the following compact preparatory to the settlement of Newport. 'It is agreed by us whose hands are underwritten to propagatre a plantation in the midst of the island, or elsewheres, and to engage ourselves to bear equal charge, answerable to our strength and estates in common; and that our determination shall be by major voices of judge and elders, the judge to have double voice.'
1639, Jun 5 -- Newport. He was named as one of the four proportioners of land, any three of whom moght prpportion it, the company laying it forth to have 4d. and acre for every acre laid out.
1639, Sep. 2 -- Freeman
1640, Mar. 12. Member of General Court of Elections.
1641, Mar. 16 -- Freeman
1655 -- Portsmouth. Freeman.
1656 -- Newtown (Long Island), N.Y. He reamined here but a short time.
1658, Jan 30 -- Portsmouth. He deeded as dower, with his daughter Hannah Hazard, onto Stephen Wilcox, of Portsmouth, 34 acres adjoining farm of said Hazard.
1666, Dec. 10 -- He deeded Thomas Sherrif, house, 30 acres, orchard, &c., in Portsmouth, for 20 pounds, and a quarter of a share in Misquamicut. Possession was not to be had until death of said Thomas Hazard, and then to be for Thomas Sherrif and his wife Martha for life, and at death of both to go to second son John Sherrif, and he failing of issue to go to third son Caleb Sheriff, &c.
1669, Nov. 30 -- Will. ex. son Robert. He mentions wife martha, daughters Elizabeth, wife of George Lawton, Hannah, wife of Stephen Wilcox of Misquamicut, and Martha, wife of Ichabod Potter, son Robert Hazard and grandson Thomas Hazard. (This will was rendered void by later ones.)
1674, Oct. 16 -- He testified as to the corn mill at Pawtuxet in controversy between Stephen Arnold and Samuel Reape, caling his age 64.
1675, May 29 -- He recorded a declaration previous to making his marriage with Martha Sheriff, widow of Thomas Sherrif. "This is to notify all men whom it may concern, whereas there is a promise of matrimony betwixt Thomas Hazard and Martha Sheriff, yet I, the aforesaid Thomas Hazard, do take the Same Martha Sherrif for her own person, without having anything to do with her estate, or anything that is hers for matter of goods," &c.
1677, Aug. 6 -- He had this declaration recorded: that whereas son Robert claims right to my lands by virtue of a writing as he saith by me formerly passed and given to him, &c. -- this is denied. I, Thomas hazard, do by these presents solemnly protest and affirm that I have never made any writing, only in a will drawn by John Porter at John Lawton's house about thirty years past, wherein if I had then deceased, being sick and weak, my said son was to have had my lands and my other children my movables; nor made any writing to said son only in a will 1669, Nov 30, in which I appointed him executor, since which time I have seen cause to make null and void and do absolutely abolish the two wills and have made another will dated 1676, Nov. 6.
1676, Nov. 13 -- Will. Exx wife Martha. To her, 30 acres in Portsmouth for life, as declared in deed to Thomas Sherrif, dated 1666, Dec. 10, by which said Thomas Hazard was to have for life and than my beloved yoke fellow Martha Hazard. To wife also all movable and immovable estate, as housing, goods, cattle and chattels. To son Robert, 1s. To daughters Hannah Wilcox and Martha Potter, wife of Ichabod Potter, 1s.
1680 -- taxed 9s 6d.

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  • The Hazard Family of Rhode Island, 1635-1894, Being a Genealogy and History of the Descendants of Thomas Hazard
16407. Martha (Potter?) was christened on Oct 18 1611 in London, England.

She died in 1669 in Portsmouth, RI.

Children were:

child4097 i. Martha Hazard.
child4195 ii. Elizabeth Hazard.

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