Married Mar 2 1638 in Portsmouth, RI. (5)

8200. James Babcock Jr. was born in 1612 in Wivenhoe, Essex, England. (126)(36) He immigrated before 1642.(73) He died on Jun 12, 1679 in Portsmouth, RI.(73)(36)

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, pg 8:
He was a blacksmith.

1642, Feb. 25. Admitted inhabitant [of Portsmouth]
1643, Oct. 5. He and another were ordered to look up all the arms in the town. On the same day he had a grant of 10 acres at the first brook.
1650, May 23. He and 5 others were appointed to mend and make all arms presented to them by any of the town.
1655. Freeman.
1656-58-59. Commissioner.
1657, Dec. 10. He was granted 8 acres.
1664, Mar. 1. Westerly. Upon consideration of his petition the court requests the Governor and Deputy Governor, to send a letter to the government of Connecticut, to see what they will say by way of answer to such riotous actings as are done and committed by the men of Southertown against the said Babcock, &c.
1665,--18. He sold Thomas Fish, for 50 pounds, land and dwelling house, barn, orchard, &c., in Portsmouth, his wife Sarah giving her consent.
1667, May 18. He and others of Rhode Island, having claimed certain land east of Pawcatuck River, a petition was sent to Connecticut authorities by Harmon Garret, alias Wequascooke, Governer of the Pequots, praying 'that such men that wear hats and clothes like Englishmen, but have dealt with us like wolves and bears,' may be called to account.
1669, May 18. Freeman
1670, Jun. 18. He was warned by warrent from the Commissioners of Connecticut, to appear before them to make answer for seizure of three Connecticut men, on a warrent issued by Tobias Saunders. He was released on bail. He gave testimony this year calling his age 58 years, his son James 29, and his son John 26 years.
1678, Mar. 2. He was baptised by Elder William Hiscox, of the Seventh Day Baptist Church.
1679, Sep. 17. Testimony was given before a Court at Westerly, by John and Job Babcock that James Babcock made the following will, 'as he verbally declared before us.' To son Job, all smith's tools, to daughter Mary Champlin, a cow. To the eldest daughter of William Champlin, a cow calf. To son Joseph, all housing and lands, at 21. To wife Elizabeth, rest of estate for maintenance and bringing up of the three children he had by her and that his wife Elizabeth be administratrix.
Inventory, 61 pounds, 1 s., viz: house and land, 20 acres, 30 pounds, bellows, anvil, vice and smith's tools, 5 pounds, 2 cows, 2 yearlings and 2 calves, 11 pounds, 7 small swine, 2 beds, 3 spinning wheels, pair of cards, 2 chests, churn, cradle, etc.

8201. Sarah Brown died about 1665.

Children were:

child2096 i.  John Babcock.

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