William and Susannah

164. William Tenney was born in 1784 in Rowley, MA.(4) He resided Lot 28 Range 4 before 1849 in Weare, NH. (4) "Occupying a house built by Jonathan Marble, a Quaker, in 1770" He died on May 22 1849 in Weare, NH. (4) He was buried after May 22 1849 in Stockbridge, VT. (4) South Hill Cemetary He was married to Susannah Baily on Apr 24 1806.(4)


Susannah Baily was born in 1780 in Maybe Dunbarton, NH. She died on Jun 20 1833. Children were:

child82 i. Rev. Timothy Jackman Tenney.
child81 ii. Elmina Tenney.

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