Arunah and Elmina
Married Jan 7 1830. (29)

80. Arunah Allen Jr. (photo) was born on Jul 3 1805 in Fitzwilliam, NH. (26) He died on May 23 1892 in Pittsfield, VT. (27) He was a Farmer all his life.(28)

From Bent:
"...went to Stockbridge, MA. with his father in 1823, and there lived until March 26, 1867, when he went to the adjoining town of Pittsfield [MA], in the heart of the State. He was a farmer all of his life and died May 23, 1892, ae. (aged) nearly 87. During his later years he was a deacon in the Congregational (Orthodox) Church. He married first, Jan 7, 1830, Elmina Tenney, born in Ware, N.H., Dec. 5 , 1808, daughter of William Tenney of Norway, Me. She died July 19, 1866 ae. (aged) 57, and he married second, June 11, 1868, Mrs. Czarina (Blossom) Church, Daughter of William Blossom of Pittsfield, Vt. Where she still resides (1896). No children by the second wife.

"Children of Aruna and Elmina:
Jubal E.
Mary Susan
John Rockwell
Pliny Arunah
Charles Torrey"

The Gazetteer and business directory of Rutland County, Vt., for 1881-82 Author: Child, Hamilton, Date of Publication: 1881 has this to say about Arunah:
Allen Arunah, (Pittsfield,) r 10, farmer 400
Arunah lived on road 10 and had 400 acres.

81. Elmina Tenney (photo) was born on Dec 5 1808 in Weare, NH. (3) She died on Jul 19 1866 in Pittsfield, VT. (3)

Children were:

childJubal E. Allen, b. 1833, Stockbridge, VT, d. 1834, Stockbridge, VT.
childEdwin Allen, b. 29 Dec 1834, Stockbridge, VT, d. date unknown.
child+Mary Susan Allen, b. 05 Oct 1838, Stockbridge, VT, d. date unknown.
childJohn Rockwell Allen, b. 12 May 1843, Stockbridge, VT, d. date unknown.
child40 i.  Pliny Arunah Allen Sr.  (b. 1844)
childCharles Torrey Allen, b. 29 May 1846, Stockbridge, VT, d. date unknown.

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