Pliny and Izah
Married Jan 23 1872.

40. Pliny Arunah Allen Sr. (photo) was born on Oct 29, 1844 in Stockbridge, VT.(12) He was the 6th of 7 or 8 children and grew up on a farm.  Over the course of his life, he engaged in many professions from milkman to clothing salesman and passenger/freight transporter to operator of a livery stable. 

In 1865, he might have been a 3rd class peddler (one horse) in Connecticut, but in 1872, at age 27, when he married Izah in Norway, Maine, he was definitely a milkman and was still a milkman when he registered for the Masons in Charleston Massachusetts in 1873 and in 1876 when his 2nd son  Pliny Arunah Allen, Jr. was born. At one point, it seems, he wanted to be a doctor, as he was a medical student in 1880.  However, in 1888 when his youngest child Rebecca was born in Matapoisett, he was a sawyer in a lumber mill.

Izah was his cousin.  Her father and his mother were siblings.  The families do not appear to have lived near another.  In 1880, when he was a student, his Mother-in-Law/Aunt Izah Tenny is living with them.

At the time of the 1900 Census, Pliny (55) is a "Clothing Salesman."  in Matapoisett.  Pliny and Izah have all 5 children living with them, Francis G, their 25 year old son, is a "teacher, comm'l school," possibly unemployed, seemingly married.  Pliny A. Jr., 23, a student.  Howard T. aged 21 is a bookkeeper, Carlotta A. is 18 and Rebecca is 11. 

By 1910, when Pliny is 65 and Izah is 61, Francis, Pliny and Carlotta have moved out to start households of their own. Howard has died (in 1908) of "tuberculosis of the intestines." Rebecca is the  only child living at home, though they seem to have acquired a 10 year old Boarder named James W. Earle. Pliny now owns a livery stable.His business is on Mechanic St, and his home on Barstow street, the next street over.

The Mattapoisett town directory for 1916 has a wonderful advertizement for Pliny's businesses.  The ad is for passenger and baggage transfer and for him as an agent for Wanamaker's tailored to measure suits.  The ad say "15 years experience with perfect satisfaction."  Mattapoisett was (and is) aparently a summer resort for Bostonians. That is not surprising, since it is a lovely beach town near Cape Cod. It is possibly the Baggage and Freight transfer business relates to that. The population of Mattapoisett was about 1200 at the time. the 1916 Directory also list Pliny as a Constable.

In 1918, he and Izah moved to Southern Pines, North Carolina to live in Rebecca (Allen) Swett's home and they lived there for the rest of their lives.  In the final years of his life he was confined to his room, but apparently was still in good spirits.  He died on May 13 1931 in Southern Pines, NC, and is buried with Izah in Mount Hope Cemetery.(13) 

Obituary, Southern Pines (NC) "Pilot",  May 22, 1931 (see note below):

"Pliny A. Allen died at Southern Pines, Father of Mrs. James Swett had lived here for past thirteen years on Friday morning, May 15th, Pliny A. Allen of Southern Pines passed to his rest. He had been seriously ill for only three weeks, but for over eighteen months had been unable to leave his room. In spite of this confinement his good spirit never failed him. Mr. Allen was born October 29, 1844 at Stockbridge, Vermont. His early manhood was spent in business in Boston. Here [Boston] he was a member of Columbian Lodge and the Coeur de Lion Commandery, Knights Templar. He married Izah W. Tenney of Norway, Maine in 1872. For forty-two years he made his home in Mattapoisett, Mass. Here his family and five children were raised to maturity. The past thirteen years Mr. and Mrs. Allen have lived with their daughter, Mrs. James B. Swett of Southern Pines.  He is survived by his wife to whom he had been married nearly sixty years; four children, Francis G. Allen of Fall River, Mass.; the Rev. Pliny A. Allen, Jr., of North Adams, Mass.; Mrs. Carlotta Allen Pray, of Blue Point, L. I.; and Mrs. Swett [Rebecca Allen Swett, b. 1888 in Mattapoisett and whose initial research primed the pump for the current efforts]. Thirteen grandchildren also survive. The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. F. Craighill Brown, rector of Emanuel Episcopal Church, were held at Mr. Allen’s home and the interment took place in Mount Hope Cemetery, Southern Pines".

41. Izah Warren Tenney (photo) was born on Jul 5 1849 in St. Johnsbury, VT.(3) She died on Sep 9 1935 in Southern Pines, NC. (3)


Name: Izah W. ALLEN
Birth Date: 1849
Volume: 03
Page Number: 168
Reference: History of the des. Of John Whitman of Weymouth, Ms. By Chas. H. Farnam. New Haven, Ct. 1889. (15,1246p.): 919

At the time of the 1870 Census Izah (21) lived at the home of her mother, now widowed.  Izah's father died when she was only 5.  She listed "work in house" as her profession.

Children were:

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From Bent:
"Pliny Arunah Allen was born in Stockbridge, Vt., Oct. 29, 1844, and lives 1896, in Mattapoisett (Mass.), where he has resided since June, 1879. He married, Jan. 23, 1872, at Norway, Me. his cousin Izah Tenney, b. July 5, 1849 dau. of Timother Jackman Tenney, who was a native of Ware [Weare], N.H.
"Children of Pliny and Izah:
Francis Guilford
Pliny Arunah
Howard Tenney
Carlotta Adnah
Rebecca [Original author of the Swett-Allen genealogy - See sources]"

From Swett-Allen:
"Pliny Arunah Allen was born in Stockbridge, Vt. on Oct. 29, 1844. He married, Jan. 23, 1872, Izah Warren Tenney, dau. of Timothy Jackman (and Izah Gibson) Tenney. They resided in Charlestown, Ma. Until 1879 at which time they removed to Mattapoisett, Ma. He died May 13, 1931, Southern Pines, N.C."

Note regarding Obituary in "Pilot" (David Allen)

In a letter dated July 16, 2013 Victoria Godwin from the North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services (Vital Records Unit) reports to me that a thorough search of death records between 1930 through 1932 for Pliny Arunah Allen was performed and they found no record of his having died in North Carolina on or about 15 May, 1931!  The Mount Hope Cemetery in Southern Pines also has no record of his burial, despite the above article having occurred in the May 22 issue of the "Pilot". It is a mystery. A search will be done of Pliny's wife's death (Izah W. Tenney who passed away on 6 September 1935) and determine where she is buried in the Mount Hope cemetery to see if her husband's grave marker is in the same cemetery lot - probably in or near the Swett family lot. The cemetery is owned by the town of Southern Pines and that is where the cemetery lot records are kept. Lisa Harrington (910-692-2206) is the current custodian of those records. [I am herewith sending you this updated bit of photo documentation of the grave marker for Pliny and Izah which pretty much tells me the records kept in North Carolina (including at the department of Vital Records for the State) leave much to be desired. Note that the gravestone photo shows May 13 as the date of death where the article says May 15. I obtained the attached photo from a loose network of “Find-A-Grave” advocates who volunteer their time to locate “lost” graves for relatives. This photo was taken very recently – within just a couple of months. I would have had no idea what to look for, or where, especially given the fact that there seem to be no official records either of Pliny’s death or of his burial at Mount Hope cemetery in Southern Pines. I was never able to obtain a copy of Pliny’s death certificate although I do have one for Izah (also attached to this note).

[1] Rebecca's Birth Certificate. I have it.
[2] Obituary "Francis Allen, Educator, Dies"