Married in 1629

5144. Abraham Browne was born in 1588. He was baptized on Oct 25 1588 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England. He died between 1645 and 1648 in Watertown, MA.

For information on the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston,
1995) and to The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908: Part I The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817-1879, by Dean Crawford Smith and edited by Melinde
Lutz Sanborn (Boston, 1996). The latter reference also provides information on the family of Jonathan and Mary (Shattuck) Brown, including their grandchildren, providing
varying amounts of data on four generations in America.

Abraham BROWNE - bap. Oct. 22, 1588, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England; d. 1645/8, Watertown, MA. Son of Edmund BROWNE and Mary CRAMPHORNE. Admitted as freeman at Watertown, MA Mar. 6, 1631/2. He appears in the town records in various public positions from 1634 to 1647, notably those associated with survey work and land distribution. His lands inventory (1694) amounted to 191 acres in 5 parcels. The home of Abraham BROWNE passed to his grandson Capt. Abraham BROWN, remained in the family for over 200 years, and is currently owned and operated by the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Will filed Oct. 1, 1650, Middlesex Co., MA. His estate was not settled until Jan. 22, 1693/4 when it was divided between five claimants, with a double portion going to the estate of Jonathan, eldest son of Abraham. The original will has not been located, but the settlement provisions were apparently in disregard to its terms as summarized in an abstract found in the County Court (1670). Abraham was married first on Sep. 21, 1619 at South Weald, Essex, England to Joan SHELTON (b. about 1599; bur. Sep. 27, 1628, South Weald, Essex, England), the mother of his first three daughters. He married second about 1629, England.

5145. Lydia died on Sep 27 1686 in Watertown, MA. She was born b. about 1609, England. Children were:

Lydia - b. about 1609, England; d. Sep. 27, 1686, Watertown, MA. Married second Nov. 27, 1659 Andrew HODGES (d. Dec. 1665, Ipswich, MA), whose first wife was Anne (d. Nov. 15,
1658, Ipswich, MA).

child2572 i.  Jonathan Browne.

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Children of Abraham and Lydia Browne

1.Lydia - b. Mar. 22, 1632/3, Watertown, MA; d. 1693-1707, Groton, MA. The first child whose birth is recorded at Watertown, MA. Married by 1649, Reading, MA Lt. William LAKIN, Jr. (b. about Jun. 1623, England; d. Feb. 22, 1700/1, Groton, Middlesex Co., MA), son of William LAKIN and Mary. Children: Mary died as infant; Lydia died young; Mary
married John NUTTING; William married Elizabeth ROBERTSON; John died young; Jonathan; Abraham died in infancy; Abraham married Abigail SNOW; Elizabeth married Capt.
Jonathan BOYDEN; and Abigail married her first cousin Joseph LAKIN.

2.Jonathan - b. Oct. 15, 1635, Watertown, MA; d. 1691, Watertown, MA.

3.Hannah - b. Mar. 1, 1638/9, Watertown, MA; bur. there Mar. 15, 1638/9.

4.Abraham - b. Mar. 6, 1639/40, Watertown, MA; estate inventoried Sep. 28, 1667, Watertown, MA. Lived on his mother's estate in Watertown while she resided in Groton, MA.
Married Feb. 5, 1662/3 Mary DIX (b. May 2, 1639; d. Jun. 18, 1678), daughter of Edward DIX and Jane WILKINSON. Mary married second in 1668, Samuel RICE of Sudbury, MA,
and had children Mary, Edward, Abigail, and Joseph. Children of Abraham and Mary: Lydia married George WOODWARD, Jr.; and Abraham died as infant.