Married February 11, 1661/2 in Watertown, MA

2572. Jonathan Browne was born on Oct 15 1635 in Watertown, MA.[55]

He had 211 acres at the time of his death, in 6 lots. Other than the information from his will and the probate, there is not a lot known about Jonathan.

Jonathan Browne - February 19, 1690/1
I Jonathan Browne of Watertown in the Countie of Middlesex in the Massachusets colonie in New England being under the afflicting hand of god and not knowing what the good pleasure of god may be concerning me but throo the good hand of god am at present sound in my membory and of a disposing mind doe declare this to be my last will and testament in manner as Followeth I returne my spirit to god that gave it and my bodie to the earth from whence it was takain hopeing throw the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ my blessed redeemer to have a glorious resurection both of soul and bodie at the was[?] and last day and as for the outward estate that god have lent mee:

my will is that my deare and loveing wife Mary Browne shall injoy my whole estate as long as she liveth my widdow for her comfort and
maintenance and the bring up of four of my children that are as yet but small onely my will is that my grand child James Bigolo be payd five pound in curant contry pay to him or his gardian when he shall attaine the age of fowreteen years Allso my will is that after my deare and Loveing wives desease or marieng againe: if god shall conterie the lives of my children which are eight in number: that my said estate be parted into seven shares: and my five sons and my daughter Lidea to have six parts of my said estate and my other two daughters one share of my said estate between them and my will is that if any of my children aforesaid should dy without leaveing any Lawfull Issue that theire part so dieing shall returne to my sons: but if any of my said childrin now liveing should die and leave any child or childrin lawfully begoten that they shall injoy what was the right to theire parant acording to the rule aforementioned Allso my will is that my sons shall injoy my houseing and land and pay to their sisters their proportion acording to the rule aforesaid to be paid in good and curant contry pay within two years after my estate come to bee devided Finally I doe nominate and apoynt my deare and Loveing wife and my wellbeloved son Abraham Browne to be my executors to this my last will and testament and as [ ? ] hereunto I have set my hand and seale this nineteenth of February sixteen hundrid and nintee Signed sealed and decalared to be the last will of Jonathan Brown.

Marke of William Bond Senior
William Shattuck
Mark of Sarah Cutting

Jonathan died on April 1, 1691.

2573. Mary Shattuck was born on Aug 25, 1645 in Watertown, MA. She died on Oct 23 1732, also in Watertown, and was buried in Waltham graveyard [55, 163].

Bill Boyington - Find a Grave

Children were:

Mary - Oct. 5, 1662
Elizabeth -Sep. 19, 1664,
Jonathan -Oct. 25, 1666,. Died Young
Patience  - Mar. 6, 1668/9
1286 i.  Abraham Brown. - Aug. 26, 1671
Samuel  -  Oct. 21, 1674, Did not marry.
Lydia -  Mar. 31, 1677
Ebenezer  - b. Sep. 10, 1679,  Did not marry.
Benjamin - Feb. 27, 1681/2

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