Married about 1642.

5146. William Shattuck was born about 1622.

William, a weaver by trade, was at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA by 1639, but his origins and arrival in America are based on speculation. Attempts to identify his mother as the widow Damaris SHATTUCK and his younger brother as Samuel SHATTUCK of Salem, MA are not supported by available evidence. William held several public offices in Watertown between 1652 and 1665. His will was dated Aug. 3, 1672 and proved Aug. 29, 1672, with his estate appraised on Aug. 23, 1672 at over £434, including over £103 in cash, £180 for his house and land, and £20 for a farm at Stoney Brook.

He died on Aug 14 1672 in Watertown, MA.

Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA.
To perpetuate the memory of
who died in Watertown,
Aug. 14, 1672, aged 50;
The progenitor of
the families that have borne his name
in America.
* * *
This simple memorial
was erected in 1853, by
Lemuel Shattuck,
who holds in greatful veneration
the character of
the Puritan Fathers of
New England.


Another William Shattuck lived at Boston, MA fom 1650 to 1658 [163, 366]. William of Boston was a shoemaker, and suffered persecution for his Quakerism. He was banished in 1658, moved to RI, then to NJ, settling at Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. That William Shattuck had two daughters and no sons.
5147. Susanna.
Susanna - d. Dec. 11, 1686, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

Susanna was married second on Nov. 18, 1673 in Watertown to Richard Norcross (1621-1709), as his second wife. Richard was schoolmaster at Watertown.

Children were:

2573 i.  Mary Shattuck.

1.Susanna - b. 1643, Watertown, MA. Married first Apr. 12, 1661 Joseph MORSE (b. Apr. 30, 1637; d. 1677), son of Joseph MORSE and Hester PIERCE; and second Jul. 5, 1678,
Watertown, MA John FAY. Children: Susanna; Hester married Nathaniel JOSSELYN; Joseph married Grace WARREN; Samuel married Grace; Mary married John BARNARD, Jr.;
Hannah married John NEWTON; and Jonathan married first Mary HOW, and second Mary CHURCH.
2.Mary - b. Aug. 25, 1645, Watertown, MA; d. Oct. 23, 1732, Watertown, MA. Married Jonathan BROWNE.
3.John - b. Feb. 11, 1647, Watertown, MA; drowned Sep. 14, 1675, crossing Charlestown ferry. Sergeant in King Philip's War. Estate inventoried Oct. 5, 1675 at $42.2.0. Married Jun.
20, 1664 Ruth WHITNEY (b. Apr. 15, 1645, Watertown, MA), daughter of John WHITNEY and Ruth REYNOLDS. Ruth married second Enosh LAWRENCE. With her second
husband and her children, Ruth moved to Groton, MA in 1678. Children: John married Mary BLOOD; Ruth married Jonathan FARNSWORTH; William married Hannah
UNDERWOOD; and Samuel married Elizabeth BLOOD (ancestors of genealogist John FARMER).
4.Philip - b. about 1648, Watertown, MA; d. Jun. 26, 1722, Watertown, MA. Held positions of selectman, treasurer, and assossor at Watertown, MA. Married first Nov. 9, 1670
Deborah BARSTOW (d. Nov. 24, 1679), daughter of William and Anna; and second Feb. 11, 1679/80 Rebecca CHAMBERLAIN (b. 1665; d. 1728), daughter of Richard
CHAMBERLAIN and Sarah BUGBY. Children of first marriage: Deborah died in infancy; Philip died young; Susanna; and Anne married William SANDERSON. Children of second
marriage: Joseph died in infancy; Rebecca married John UNDERWOOD (ancestors of Clara BARTON); Rev. Benjamin married Martha SHERMAN; Dr. Joseph married Mary
LADD; Nathaniel married Hepzibah HASTINGS; Amos; Sarah married Samuel PARKHURST; Theophilus; and Philip.
5.Joanna - b. Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 4, 1673, Watertown, MA. Did not marry.
6.William - b. 1653, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Oct. 19, 1732, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. A weaver, the will of his father left him a "loom and its appurtenances."
Married Susanna RANDALL (d. May 8, 1723), daughter of Stephen RANDALL and Susanna BARRON. Children: Elizabeth married first Robert GODDARD, second Ephraim
ANGIER, and third John HOLLAND; William married Hepzibah HAMMOND; Benjamin married first Deliverance HAYS, and second Rachel CLARK; Samuel; Mary married
William GREENLEAF; Abigail married Joseph HOLDEN; Joseph died in infancy; Jonathan married Elizabeth STEARNS; Susanna married Mr. HOLDEN; Robert married Mary
PRATT; and Moses died young.
7.Rebecca - b. about 1656, Watertown, MA. Married Feb. 7, 1671/2 Samuel CHURCH (b. Jun. 10, 1640), son of Garret and Sarah CHURCH. Children: Rebecca.
8.Abigail - b. about 1658, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 1694, Groton, MA. Married first on Oct. 17, 1678 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA to Jonathan MORSE (b. Oct. 7,
1643; d. Jul. 31, 1686, Groton, MA), son of John MORSE and Abigail STEARNS. Abigail was married second on Sep. 22, 1690 to Joshua PARKER (v. Mar. 13, 1658; d. May 5, 1691,
Groton, MA). Children: Abigail married James MORSE; Hannah married John WELLINGTON; Ruth married Jonathan ROBINSON; and Jonathan.
9.Benjamin - Died at age 20. Mentioned in father's will.
10.Samuel - b. Feb. 28, 1665/6, Watertown, MA. Married Abigail. Children: Abigail perhaps married cousin William SHATTUCK (son of William and Hannah (UNDERWOOD)
SHATTUCK); Samuel; and Martha.


The primary information sources for the SHATTUCK family are Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, by Dr. Henry Bond (1860), and Memorial of the Descendants of William Shattuck, by Lemuel Shattuck (1855). Additional details have been added from a variety of other sources.

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