The great-grandparents
John Joseph Wright and Dorothy Kendall
Married Sep 21, 1935 in NE


12. John Joseph Wright was born on Jun 14 1915. He died on Sep 1, 1988. There are so many wonderful stories about John Wright.  He was a bit of a heck-raiser in Minitare, Nebraska and he was immensely proud of this. It is said that in order to get the money to go to the dance where he met Dorothy he stole a cow and sold it.  He announced this as a great secret on their 50th anniversary, and it turned out she had known all along.  He loved sports, playing baseball in his youth and golf throughout his life, and listening to sports games on the radio.  He also liked to listen to police band radio, he called it his "squawk-box."  John was dedicated to the service of his country.  He was a member of the CCC at some point in his life, and, disappointed that he was rejected for WWII service (due, I think, to flat feet, but also possibly hearing), he moved, with his wife, to Oregon to work in the ship yards.  John was an auto-mechanic and loved cars.  He was eventually able to own at least one ARCO service station, but I think there might have been more.   13. Dorothy Kendall. was born on September 24, 1916 in Scottsbluff County NE.  She grew up on a farm, but didn't particularly care for farm life.  She was not fond of milking cows and would have preferred working in the house with her mother.  I remember hearing that she married just a little bit below the age of consent, and had to lie to get her marriage license.  She had a son about a year after she was married, and a daughter several years later.  Then, in 1943, she lost her first son to polio when he was only 7 years old.  When the war began, she and John moved to Oregon to work in the ship yards, she was a burner.  After the war, she worked at JC Penney for many years in the women's apparel section.  She had excellent taste in clothes and always put lipstick on before leaving the house.  She also had a great collection of costume jewelry. 

Dorothy was much loved.  She was an excellent cook and kept an immaculate house.  She showered her grandchildren and great-grandsons with unconditional love.  She died on June 12, 2004;  We will miss her.

Children are:
child  John Wright Jr.  (Nov 1936 - Apr 15, 1943 of polio) - Picture 
child  Sandra Wright

child6 i.  Michael Allen Wright.

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