The great-great-grandparents

Lawrence Elmer Wright and Jessie Mowery
Married November 26, 1908, in Gering, Scottsbluff, NE. (5)

24. Lawrence Elmer Wright (photo) was born on Nov 12 1886 in Nebraska.

Everything I have learned about my Great grandfather "Elmer," I learned from my Aunt Sandy.

Lawrence Elmer actually went by the name Elmer.  I am not sure why.
He was the youngest of 5 children, with 3 older sisters and one older brother.

Elmer was soft spoken and amazingly short (5'8") given the impressive height of many of his descendants.  He liked to whittle and hang out with friends.

I am thinking, based on the photos I have seen and the fact that he frequently wore a small brimmed dress hat that Elmer was a pretty natty dresser.  He appears to have favored oiling his hair, which I used to find intriguing in his son, my grandfather.  This was in the days before mousse.

He was apparently entrepreneurial minded, like his descendants, and probably his forebears given their pioneering ways. He was a butcher (proprietor of the Peoples Meat Market), until he somehow contracted typhoid and during WWII owned a Conoco station.  This desire to own service stations also seems to have been in his genes.

1n 1942, when Elmer was 55, Martha died.  By that time, his youngest child, Betty Jo, was 11, Dean was 13 and his other children were already grown. 

In 1945, Elmer remarried and he and his wife, Pansy, moved to Oregon, I think to be closer to some of his children.  Pansy Died and Elmer moved in with his oldest son.  He died in 1957 at the age of 69. 

Photo with Kids Lawrence and Lola

He died on May 24 1957 in Canby, OR.
25. Martha Jessie Mowry was born before 1890 in Minatare, NE.(5) 

Coincidentally, Martha Jessie also went by her middle name. 

According to Dorothy Kendall Wright, daugther-in-law of Martha Jessie, and my grandmother:

"She was a real nice person; she always made sure her home was clean; she always fed nieces and nephews who were at her house at mealtime; she attended school events for her children, and during the Depression, she took in ironing to help make ends met. Dorothy stated that she was a good friend."

She was known as Aunt Jessie by Minatare residents.

Sadly, Jessie had very high blood pressure, and she died young at age 53.


After Elmer and Jessie were married they lived in a house owned by Elmer's mother Amanda.  At one point they acquired some land (I am presuming) and constructed a home near Yoder, in Wyoming.  They only spent the summers there, which was a good thing since it was made of sod and stone and tarpaper.They spent three summers there.

Elmer and Martha were blessed with 11 children but sadly 4 of them died in infancy.  One of the babies that died is the adorable baby in the picture linked above.I can't even imagine what that must have been like.

Children were:

1. Lawrence Arlo Wright, b. Nov 1, 1909, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE, d. Oct 3, 1998, Canby, Clackamas, OR.
2. Lola Pearl Wright, b. Aug 26, 1911, Melbeta, NE, d. Nov 3, 1912, Thermopolis, WY.
3. Klea Eva Wright, b. Nov 11, 1913, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE.
4. 12 i.  John Joseph Wright b. Jun 14, 1915, Minatare, Scottsbluff Co., NE, d. Sep 1, 1988, Hillsboro, Washington, OR.
5. Elma May Wright, b. Mar 21, 1920, d. Sep 17, 1920.
6. Orville Kenneth Wright, b. Feb 20, 1922, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE, d. Sep 10, 1979, Portland, Multnomah, Or.
7. Charles Edward Wright, b. Sep 16, 1923, Mitchell, NE, d. Dec 22, 1974, Roseburg, OR.
8. Ross Elmer Wright, b. 1924, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE, d. Mar 28, 1925, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE.
9. Harold J. Wright, b. May 19, 1926, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE/Minatare, Scotts Bluff Co., NE, d. Sep 12, 1926, Minatare, Scottsbluff, NE.
10. Dean Thomas Wright, b. May 17, 1931, Alliance, NE.
11. Betty Jo Wright, b. Nov 7, 1933, Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff, NE.

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