George Allen Kendall and Bertha Lydia Zweifel
Married about 1908 in Pomeroy, Meig, OH

26. George Allen Kendall was born on Nov 7 1886. 

The following information was gathered by Sandy Keyser, his granddaughter.

In early '37 George and Bertha moved to Washington

Per funeral announcement:  
born Nov. 7 1885, passed away in Tacoma WA., Buried in Claquato Cemetary, Chellis, WA. Funeral was at Fissell Funeral Home.,Tue. May 27, 1952. Address of funeral home is 299 N. Market Blvd. Chellis.

per a letter from his son Milford - Geo. Kendall had a sister Maude
& an Aunt Sophia who died in 1952
27. Bertha Lydia Zweifel was born on Oct 6 1885 in Pomeroy, Meig, OH, and died Feb 12, 1938 in WA.  Sandy Keyser, her granddaughter, was able to find out the following information about her from her mother, Bertha's daughter, Dorothy.

Bertha's parents didn't completely approve of her marriage to George.
Apparently, her parents had some wealth and it is said she wore a mink collar for her wedding.

She didn't like turmoil; didn't like the kids to fight.

Bertha's son, Bob Kendall, said her daughter Dorothy was the most like her of all the kids.

She felt bad that the depression and poor farming conditions meant the kids couldn't have any "special" things and she would save up some money and give it to them when she could. Dorothy tells of her mother buying her a High School Graduation ring. 

Bertha Kendall "was a good woman"

Children were:

1. Milford George Kendall, b. Mar 8, 1910.
2. Katherine Clarice Kendall, b. Dec 8, 1911.
3. Alta Emma Kendall, b. Sep 1, 1913.
4. child13 i.  Dorothy Kendall. b. Sep 24, 1916, Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff Co., NE.
5. Lorraine Gladys Kendall, b. Feb 15, 1918.
6. Wayne Everett Kendall, b. Dec 7, 1920, d. Jun 1951.
7. Vida Maybell Kendall, b. May 22, 1922.  
8. Kenneth Kermit Kendall, b. Dec 23, 1924, d. Dec 25, 1976, San Francisco, CA.
9. Robert Lloyd Kendall, b. Feb 5, 1926.
10. Coleen Marlene Kendall, b. Feb 3, 1928.
11. Patricia Jean Kendall, b. Aug 26, 1932.

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