Joseph and Susannah(31)

132. Joseph Phillips Jr. (19) was born on May 18 1737 in Exeter, RI.(31) "...a revolutionary soldier."

I have the most amazing documents (scanned, not original) relating to Joseph Phillips Jr. I found it in a revolutionary war database. Joseph was a soldier in the Revolutionary war and at some time later in his life, when his son Nicholas was 15, he left his family in R.I. and moved to New York. Some years after that he was spotted by his brother Simon and Simon reported back to Nicholas that his father had been living in New York, but was now dead. I am having a lot of trouble reading these documents, but they appear to be an attempt to collect a pension. However they postdate Susannah's death by 2 years, so I can't figure out who the pension is supposed to be for. "Declaration In order to obtain the benefit of the 3rd section of the act of congress of the 4th July 1836. State of Rhode Island (of?) Providence Plantations Washington (?) Richmond October 29th 1836. On the day...appeared before me...Susannah Phillips a resident aged 78...and made the following declaration...that she is the widow of Joseph Phillips late of Exeter...who was a private in the war, in service of this state, that as nearly as she can remember, he served under different or various officers, one of whom she thinks was Capt. (afterwards) Major Richard Bailey of Richmond, that he served sometimes under his own engagement and sometimes as a substitute, that he was in the service both before and after his marriage, that she was married to the said Joseph Phillips on the 21st day of October, 1779 by Robert Stanton, a justice of the peace for the town of Richmond at the house of (her?) father Ezekiel Barber of Richmond Deceased, that her said husband was after their marriage frequently absent on military duty for a long time and [has not been home in 34 years, nor heard from for 20, except for a brief reunion 15 years past] and that she has not been married to any other person. Ugh, it is so difficult to read the writing. And then there is a deposition of Ezekiel Phillips and Nicholas Phillips, which essentially recapitulate her statement, though I really like the Nicholas one.

133. Susannah Barber was born on August 15th, 1758.

She Died June 20th, 1849 and is buried in old cemetery on Webb farm at Punch Bowl, near Hillsdale, Rhode Island.*

Children were:

child66 i. Ezekiel Barber Phillips.
child66 i. Nicholas Phillips.
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*Moses Barber of South Kingstown, Rhode Island, and Many Descendants, 1652-1984 By Lois Jeannette Schroeder