Ezekiel and Martha
married 1855

66. Ezekiel Barber Phillips (19) was born on Aug 2 1793(4) in Exeter, RI.(20)

Ezekiel was in his 60s by the time of his third and final marriage to Martha Tanner-Saunders. He had one son, Ezekiel W (age 6), by a previous marriage and went on to have 2 daughters with Martha. Including her daughter Emily (aged 1), by prior marriage, it was quite a household by the time the 1860 census.

Ezekiel died on April 30th, 1865. He is buried in the Phillips Lot in Richmond Rhode Island off of Punchbowl Trail.*
67. Martha Maria Tanner was born on Oct 31 1822 (Wow, Halloween Birthday) in Rhode Island.

She married first Daniel Saunders in January 1853 when she was 30 and had a daughter Emily Fenner Saunders in December of that year. Daniel died when Emily was 3 months old. The next year, in September, she married Ezekiel Barber Phillips. Were married for just under ten years and they had two daughters. Ezekiel died in 1865 when Martha was 42 years old. 6 years later she married Hiram Doyle and they had no children together. Hiram died in 1897 and the 74 year old Martha would live for 9 more years. She died on March 6th 1906 at the age of 83.

1860 Census
Ezekiel a farmer aged 67 and his wife had a blended family in 1860. Ezekiel W. was 11 at that point and Emily Saunders was 6. Penelope and Martha M (jr) were 4 and 2 respectively. Ezekiel owned a farm worth approx $4600.

Children were:
child Ezekiel W. of Ezekiel
c. 1849- child Emily Saunders of Martha
child33 i.  Penelope Bethsheba Phillips.
child Martha Maria (jr)

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Rev.George C. Tanner, D. D.. William Tanner,Sr. Of South Kingstown, Rhode Island And His Desdendants In Four Parts. Published By The Author In 1910.

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