Married between 1635 and 1637. (57)(94)

8192. Nathaniel(l) Potter (117) was born on Oct 7 1622 in England. He immigrated in 1638 to Portsmouth, RI.(17)

According to town records, on April 30, 1639 he and 28 others signed the following compact:  (sometimes called the 2nd Portsmouth compact after a group broke off and founded Newport).
'We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge ourselves the legal subjects of His Majesty King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politic, unto his laws according to matters of justice'

Sadly, unlike the very famous 1st compact, of which images can be found all over the place, there seem to be no images available of this second compact, though an image (or reprorduction) of the signatures appears to be available at:

Settlers of Aquidneck, and Liberty of Conscience: Read Before the Rhode ...
By Henry Edward Turner, Rhode Island Historical Society

Greens History of the State of Rhode Island

One source said he died before 1644.(118)
These dates tell an interesting an improbable story.  At about age 16 Nathaniel immigrates, marries and has 3 children before dying at age 22. 

From Representative Men and Old Families:
"The Potter's of Rhode Island, as a family, are as old the Colonies out of which came the commenwealth, while the origen of the family is lost in the twilight of mediaeval England. Its common descent is traced with the Earls of Leicester. Here in this country the family history covers a period of 2 and one-half centuries and more, and since the sailing from the mother country of the forerunner of the family in 1634, who with his associates gave to the settlement of Warwick Rhode Island its name men of its successive generations have been conspicuous in commercial, legilative, and professional life."
"Nathaniel Potter of Portsmouth, R.I., was admitted an inhabitant of the island of Aquidneck in 1638, and was on of the 29 signers of the compact for government in 1639. His wife's name was Dorothy. He died in 1644 and she in 1696. Their children were: Nathaniel born in 1637; and Ichabod."

8193. Dorothy Wilbore (Wilbur?) (57)(17) (94) was born between 1617 and 1620, probably in England, but possibly not.  (57)(17) Potter Family gives date of birth as 1617 and no location of birth.

Somewhere near 1633, when Dorothy would have been between 13 and 16 years old, her family, headed by her father Samuel, emigrated from England and ultimately wound up in Portsmouth R.I.

She died on Feb 19 1696 in Portsmouth, RI.(57) (17)(119) 

Children were:
child4096 i.  Ichabod Potter.

Dorothy later Married John Albro.

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