Married before 1617 (114)

5320. Dea. Edmund Rice was born in Buckinghamshire, England in 1594, probably in Sudbury (8 miles n. of London) given that he named his first home in America Sudbury.(4) He died on May 31 1663 in Marlboro, MA.(4)

Between those dates he managed to populate a goodly amount of the U.S with Rices dut to his exceptional prolificness and that of his decendents.  The details are recounted, very amusingly in the book, By the Name of Rice.  I will scan.  It is too good. 

5321. Tomasin (or Tamazine) Hosmer Frost was born in 1600 in Buckinghamshire, England.(4) She died on Jun 13 1654 in Sudbury, MA.(4) 

Children were:

child2562 i.  Henry Rice.
child2660 ii.  Joseph Rice.

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