268. Captain William Tanner was born on May 8 1769 in Hopkinton, RI. He died on Mar 1 1829.
Captain William Tanner was High Sheriff of Hopkinton He was married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Palmer before 1793.

WILLIAM, Abel, Nathan, William;son of Abel(10) andPhoebe (Bent) Tanner; Hopkinton, R.I.,May8,1769; m. Elizabeth Palmer of Stonington, Conn.;dau. of Lawton Palmer;hed.Mar.1,1829; shed.June 10, 1834; aged 63; resi., Hopkinton, R. I.; farmer.

William Tanner of Hopkinton was deputy sheriff in the town for many years, and might have been high sheriff had he been willing to
perform the duty which falls to the office of sheriff, to be executioner in cases of capital punishment. Like his father Abel, he was a man highly
respected in his own town and by all who knew him. His residence was a short distance north of Hopkinton City.

269. Elizabeth "Betsy" Palmer was born in 1771 in Stonington, CT. She died on Jun 10 1834 in Rhode Island.

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