Abel and Phoebe married 1768

536. Abel Tanner was born in 1740 in S. Kingston, RI. He died about 1802 in Hopkinton, RI. He was married to Phoebe Bent in 1768.

ABEL, Nathan, William; son of Nathan (7) and Mary (Cottrell) Tanner of South Kingstown. R.I., b. Sept. 7, 1740, in So. Kingstown ; m. 1768 Phebe Bent ; he d. in Hopkinton, R. I. ; dower of wife set off 1803. See Hopkinton Land Records.

Capt. Abel Tanner took an active part in public affairs in his native town of Hopkinton, both in Colonial days and in the Revolution.
The following is his record as copied from the Colonial Records of R.I., Vol. VI and Vol. VII, VIII, IX, sundry places :

1768,'9,'10, captain 2d company, King's Co. Reg"t;
1769, deputy to the General Assembly;
1770, deputy to the General Assembly;
1771, deputy to the General Assembly;.
1772, deputy to the General Assembly;
1775, deputy to the General Assembly;
1775, appointed to take account of powder, arms and ammunition in the town of Hopkinton;
1778, bill ordered by the General Assembly to be paid to Abel Tanner, clerk of the Town Council of Hopkinton for provisions for the soldiers, by them raised for the late intended expedition against R.I. in October last;
1779, deputy to General Assembly;
1780, deputy General Assembly;
1780, 5th justice of the inferior court of common pleas and general sessions of the peace;
1781, 4th justice, &c., for Kings county;
1781, 3d justice, &c.
1782, deputy General Assembly;
1782, 3 justice, &c., Washington Co.;
1783, deputy, &c.;
1784, 3d justice, &c;
1784, deputy, &c.

Served as a soldier, June 7, 1774, and until June 1787. The home ot Abel Tanner was a mile or two east of Hopkinton City, and the family burial ground, as the custom then was, on or near his land. On the land owned by Nathan his father in a pasture are perhaps thirty graves, undesignated,
where many of the family sleep. Among the patriots who signed the "Test" (to support the colonies against Great Britain) are Abel Tanner; William Tanner, Jr.; William Tanner; Francis Tanner ; Nathan Tanner, all of Hopkinton, R.I.

Narragansett Historical Register, Vol. 4, p. 138-9.

537. Phoebe Bent was born about 1742 in S. Kingston, RI.

Children were:

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