5248. Thomas Tenney was born about 1622. (3) "In a deposition taken at Ipswitch , MA, May 4, 1680, Mr. Tenney gave his age as about 66 years." He immigrated in Dec 1638 to Salem, MA.(3) He died on Feb 20 1699. (104)

From Swett-Allen, pg 100:

"Thomas Tenney, a member of the the Rev. Ezekial Rogers' company from Rowley, Yorkshire, England, arrived at Salem, Ma. in December 1638 and settled at Rowley, Ma. in April, 1639. In a deposition taken at Ipswitch, Ma., May 4, 1680, Mr. Tenney gave his age as about 66 years. This would have made him 24 years old when he emigrated to America with his wife, Ann. She died September 26, 1657. He married February 24, 1658, his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, widow of Francis Parratt of Rowley. It does not appear that they had children. Mr. Tenney held many public offices."

Children: John (1640), Hannah (1642), Mercy (1644), Thomas (1648), James (1650) and Daniel (1653). He was married to Ann Mighill before 1639. (4)

He is the originating ancestor in the Book The Tenney Family, Or, The Descendants of Thomas Tenney of Rowley on Google Books. There is a nice description of the city of Rowley in England. There is a lot of information in that book, which I can glean at some other time.

5249. Ann Mighill immigrated in 1639. (3) She died on Sep 26 1657. (4)

Children were:

child2592 i. Daniel Tenney.

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