Married 1692.(5)

1282. Deacon Samuel Wheelock (70) was born on Jan 21 1664 in Medfield, MA.(5) He died on Apr 8 1756 in Shrewsbury, MA.(5)
From Swett-Allen, Pg. 122:

"He was one of the founder and first Deacon of the church to which his wife was admitted in 1724. The deacon lived to a good old age and it is believed died in Shrewsbury."

From Cushing Genealogical Register

"Deacon Samual Wheelock came to Shrewsbury from MArlboro before 1720. He was one of the first deacons and one of the founders of the Shrewsbury Church." 
1283. Lydia Rice (33) was born on Jun 4 1668 in Sudbury, MA. (5) She died on Apr 6 1756.
There is a note in the Genealogical dictionary that Mercy married Elnathan Allen and Lydia married Samuel Wheelock. I am not sure if it is THIS Samuel Wheelock, and the only way to confirm would be to make sure that Lydia, sister of Mercy, daughter of Henry, married Samuel and had Elizabeth in the appropriate year.

True to her heritage, Lydia had 9 children.

The LDS Ancestral File indicates that Lydia marries Samuel Wheelock in 1692 Children were:

child641 i.  Elizabeth Wheelock.
Martha - married Ephriam Pratt who lived to be 116 as documentd in Dwights Travels page 358.

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