322. James Richardson was born in 1723 in Leicester, MA.
Swett- Allen, 109

"of Leicester, a descendant of Thomas Richardson, who settled in Woburn in 1640.
On May 14th, 1753 James Richardson was chosen surveyor of Highways. He removed from Spencer from Leicester in 1768. He was a private in a company stationed at Fort Massachusetts in the present town of Adams, or rather between that town and Williamstown in 1747/8. He was one of the 8-months men called out after the affair at Lexington, serving from the first of May to the end of the year 1775. He was also in Col. Wade's Regiment of state troops stationed on Long Island 1 year from January 1778." See Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors.

He was married to Levinah Johnson on Jun 19 1764.

323. Levinah Johnson was born on Dec 11 1743. Children were:

child161 i. Molly Richardson.

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