642. Joseph Hastings .
Joseph Hastings, a housewright of Watertown. Bond He was married to Lydia Brown on Oct 2 1716.(4) We are not entirely certain WHICH Joseph Hastings Lydia Brown marries, as Bond indicates that she married Joseph son of Joseph and Hudson indicates she married Joseph son of John. Both Joseph Sr. and John were sons of Thomas Hastings and Margaret Cheney. Both Joseph Sr. and John have sons named Joseph, one born in 1684 and one baptised in 1698. One would have been 32 when married to 19 year old Lydia Brown and one would have been between 18-26.
643. Lydia Brown was born on Dec 30 1697 in Watertown, MA. (55)(56) She died on Feb 5 1768 in Lexington, MA.(56) Bond's Watertown lists her date of death as before Dec. 15, 1730, but has her final child born in 1742. This date does however need to be before her Husband's remarriage in 1769 as is indicated in Hudson's History of Lexington.

Children were:

child321 i.  Thankful Hastings.

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