Moses and Susanna
Married Mar 24 1692.(36)

532. Moses Barber was born in 1652. (36) He died in 1733.(36)

Married first Susanna Wait, who died before 1692

From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, pg 13:
"1687, Sept. 6 - Kings town. Taxed 8s. 1d.
1705, Jul. 7 - He and wife Susanna, deeded to his son Moses, 100 acres.
1722, Mar. 17 - In a deposition, he calls himself aged 70 years and upwards.
1728, Mar. 29 - Will -- proved 1733, Dec. 17. exs. Wife Susannah and son Benjamin. To wife while widow, all movables, use of homestead farm and house, and at death what remains of movables to go to wife's daughter. To sons William, Moses, Samuel, Thomas and Joseph, 1s. each they having had their portions. To son Benjamin, 146 acres in Westerly. To son Ezekiel, part of Homestead farm, &c., loom and wearing apparel. To son Daniel, rest of homestead, housing, orchard, , &c. To youngest daughter, Ann Barber, a featherbed and 20 pounds. To all my married daughters, 5s. each, they having had their portions. To heirs of Daughter Lydia Mowry, deceased, 5s.

Inventory, 452 pounds 19s. 7d., viz: horsekind, &c., 13 pounds 2 s. Neat cattle and sheep 68 pounds, swine, geese, linen wheel, 2 woolen wheels, 3 featherbeds, warming pan, flock bed, worsted comb, shoemakers tools, two hogsheads cider, bonds 94 pounds, books, 8 silver spoons 10 pounds, &c." 

Children by first wife:

William - 1680
Sarah - 1682
Moses - 1683

533. Susannah West was born October 23, 1684.  She died in 1758.


Susanna was the daughter of  daughter of Francis WEST and (Susanna or Elizabeth) SOULE

Francis was the daughter of George Soul(e) one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.


From Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, pg 13:

"1755, Sep. 21 - Will -- proved 1758, Apr. 4. Susannah Barber, widow, of Charlestown. ex. son Benjamin. To daughter Anne Kenyon, a great bible. To daughter Dinah Wilcox, the heirs of daughter Lydia Mowry, daughter Susannah Perry, widow, and daughters Martha Potter, Ruth Bently, Mercy Tefft and Anne Kenyon, the rest of estate, equally.

Inventory, 1351 pounds 10s."

Family records of the descendants of Thomas Wait, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island (link)
John Cassan Wait - 1904

"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 3 George Soule" page 28; pub. 1980 by General Society of Mayflower Descendant

Moses did this strange thing with the estate giving 1s, (enough for dinner and a tip) to several of his sons and 5s to his daughters and giving a bunch of the estate to a couple of his sons and then his wife takes the amount she has inherited, triples it and divides it among her daughters.  Thats pretty cool.

Children were:
iv Dinah BARBER, 1692/93 m. Edward WILCOX.
v Lydia BARBER, 1693/94,  m. Benjamin MOWRY.
vi Samuel BARBER, 1695,  m. Anne COREY.
vii Susannah BARBER, 1697,  m. Benjamin PERRY.They appear to be the grandparents of Commodore Perry
viii Thomas BARBER, 1699  m. Avis TANNER.
ix Joseph BARBER, 1701 m. Rebecca POTTER.
x Martha BARBER, 1703  m. 3 Oct 1727, Thomas PARKER.
xi Ruth BARBER, 1705  m. George BENTLEY.
xii Benjamin BARBER, 1706/07 m. (1) Mary TEFFT, m(2) Mary PERRY.
xiii Mercy BARBER, 1708/09 m. Samuel TEFFT.
child266 i. Ezekiel Barber.
xiv Ezekiel BARBER, 1710/11 m. Hannah WEBSTER.
xv Abigail BARBER, 1712/13
xvi Daniel BARBER,1714/15 m. Deliverance TEFFT.
xvii Anne BARBER, 1717 m. Sylvester KENYON.


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