Married Sep 2 1756. (17)(51) 

512. Stephen Potter (51) was born in 1734 in Westerly, RI. (5)

Stephen's Brother George (George of Potter's Hill, RI) is likely to have brought suit to obtain the land of "Martin" (Possibly Ichabod) Potter in England (containing the city of North Shields and estimated to be worth 2,000,000 lbs. in 1877). It was agreed that that all the brothers would share the estate if it came. The case was ultimately settled in favor of the Bishop of Durham around the end of the War of 1812. Further efforts were made around the 1835-1840 to obtain the property by Abel Potter of Rochester, NY. The suit was progressing favorably when their lawyer was bribed by the other side and the case failed.

There is a story in the Vincent document of Stephen being scared 'nearly to death' as a young boy by one of his fathers' slaves jumping out at him.

Steven's brother George is also known as the psychic sea captain (family lore).

Died 10 Oct 1799 in Berlin, NY.

513. Sarah Sheldon was born On January 3,1735 of Isaac III and Sarah (or possibly Susannah) (Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1899 on Ancestry and The Narragansett Historical Register: 1885-1886, Volume 4)

Children were:

child256 i.  Stephen Potter Jr.

Author: M.M. Lewis
Publication: Brooklyn, New York
Page: p 27

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