64. Deacon Ezekiel Harrison Perry Potter (photo) was born on Jan 30 1818 in Grafton, NY or Petersburg, NY.(16) (17) Genealogy of the Potter Families indicates that his birthplace was Grafton, whereas the obituary says it was Petersburg. He was baptized about 1832 in Scott, NY.(16) The baptism occurred at the Seventh Day Baptist Church. He died in Jun 1905. (16)

From E.H.P. Potter's obituary in the Cortland Paper:

"Dr. E. H. Perry Potter of Scott died on Thursday last.

"Ezekiel H. P. Potter was born in the town of Petersburg, Rensellar county, N. Y., January 30, 1818, and was the oldest son of the family of three sons and three daughters of Ezekiel G. and Abigail West Potter, being about the 8th generation in direct line from Vincent Potter of England, one of the 59 regicides who signed the order for beheading Charles First, King of England, and who a few years later came to America to save [sic] decapitation when Charles Second became King of England.

"Politically he was brought up a democrat but voted for William Henry Harrison and has voted at every presidential election.

"He has been a Republican ever since the organization of that party, and has held several important offices in his town, such as assessor, commisioner of highways and town auditor, each of which he held several terms. He was also elected supervisor in 1887. These offices he filled with ability and to the satisfaction of his constituency.

"Mr. Potter has always been a strong temperance man. He voted at every election held in town since he became of age, and has always lived on the old homestead of 60 acres, adding to it until the farm owned by him and his son contains over 200 acres, with large convenient buildings thereon.

"Soon after marriage, he and his wife commenced house-keeping and occupied the same house more than 57 years, when she died in April, 1900, since which time he has lived with his son, H.E.J. Potter, who manages the farm.

"Never is the pen of a ready writer more needed by a newspaper correspondent then [sic] when they have the honor of writing an obituary of such a person as Deacon Potter. Possessed as he was of a nature at once so firm and yet so gentle, he was dearly loved and respected by friends. He was given positions of trust and honor such as the guardianship of orphan children, the settlement of estates and the holding of funds in trust.

"He and his estimable wife were hospitable people, and loved to add thus to the pleasure of their friends. Wife and children recieved the tenderest love and care from a devoted husband and father. His religious life was also an excellent example. He truly loved his God, and took a deep and never-dying interest in the church and also in the work of denomination. He conscientiously discharged the duties of the office of deacon. His love his labors and prayers were for the upholding of God's holy law in every particular. When age and illness prevented his attendance at church, his love for and interest in the church did not diminish.

"Up to the day of his death his mind dwelt much on the subject of the church and its welfare. In his death, as also in the recent death of Deacon L.S. Hazard, the church has suffered irreparable loss. Deacon Potter led a long and useful life. The friend of righteousness and temperence no liquors or tobacco were ever used by him. One more thing we wish to mention. As he lay in the repose of death, his features expressed as in life, that wonderful peace which 'floweth as a river;' that peace which only Chist can give. His funeral was held Sabbath day June 24th from the home where he had lived so long. Many and beautiful were the floral offerings. The S.D.B. being temporarily without a pastor, Rev. H.B. Roberts of the M.E. Church conducted brief services, after which Deacon Potter's remains were tenderly laid to rest beside his wife in the cemetary near the S.D.B. Church. His two sons H.E.J. Potter and Dr. L.W. Potter with their families, the adopted daughters, many other relatives, and the entire community mourn his departure. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, sayeth the Spirit that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.' Rev, 14:13 "

He was married to Roxanna E. Burdick on Jan 16 1842.(17)

65. Roxanna E. Burdick was born on Apr 25 1820.(18) She died in Apr 1900.(16)

Children were:
child32 i.  Dr. Leman W. Potter.

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