Married Nov, 26 1760
Orange County, VA.

788. Edmund Terrill was born on Mar 21 1740 in Orange County, VA.

Edmund was a soldier in the Revolutionary war.  He enlisted on January 27, 1777 for a 3 year term. He began as a sgt., but may have been promoted to Captain in the Culpeper Militia in 1779. His records indicate that he was at Valley Forge during the infamous period of cold and deprivation.

He the at the root of many DAR trees.

DAR Record 69000:
"Edmund Terrell (1740-84) enlisted, 1777, for three years in Capt. John Steed's company of Virginia militia; served as sergeant. He died in Culpeper County, Va."

He also is listed as having served in Capt. John Steed's company, 2nd VA Brigade as per "Virginians in the Revolution", p. 764, by Gwathmey. He was Captain in the Culpeper Militia 1779-1780.

John Terrill Wayland, Jr. found the following information at the National Archives.

Edmund Terrill Rev. War Records
From Official Company Muster Rolls and Company Pay Rolls
As found in the National Archives

Jan. 27, 1777...Enlisted for 3 year term. Rank is listed as Sgt. in all below records, and he is found in Capt. John Gillison's Company in all below entries, except the last, regardless of regiment or commander. Location from this enlistment date to below first muster roll is unknown, and may have been inactive until March.

Mar. 28 to Dec., 1777...10th VA Regiment, commanded by Col. Edward Stevens, who is a Brig. Gen. later in the war.

Jan. to Mar., 1778...10th VA Regiment, Commanded by Major Samuel Hawes. Maj. Hawes is later found as a Col., commanding 5th VA Regiment heroically in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in NC in 1781, and in Hobkirk's Hill Battle after that. Edmond is listed as being mustered at Valley Forge during these dates.

April to May, 1778...10th VA Regiment, Commanded by Col. John Green, who is later found as commanding the 4th VA Regiment in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Edmund is still listed as being at Valley Forge during these dates, confirming that he was present in the infamous period of cold, starvation and deprivation. He did not desert, as many did.

June to July, 1778...10th VA Regiment, Commanded by Col. John Green, listed as being at Camp White Plains (NY) during those dates.

Aug, 1778...10th VA Regiment, Commanded by Col. William Russell, located at White Plains.

Sept., 1778 -  "Camp Robinson's Farm."

Oct. to Nov., 1778 - 6th VA Regiment, also commanded by Col. William Russell, located at Middlebrook.

Dec., 1778 to April 15th 1779 - 6th VA Regiment, Commanded by Col. John Green, assigned to Camp Middlebrook, furloughed during these dates (for the Winter).

May to June, 1779  - Camp Smith's Clove during these dates.

July to Sept., 1779  - Camp Ramapo (NJ)

Oct. to Nov., 1779 - Camp Haverstraw (NJ).

Dec., 1779 to Mar 1780...2nd VA Brigade, Commanded by Col. Febiger, and in Capt. John Steed's Co. This winter was as hard as Valley Forge. Edmund was apparently discharged from 3 yr. enlistment in March of 1780.


He died in Culpepper County, VA.

His will is found in W.B.C. p. 91, Culpeper Co., Va., 1 June, 1784 - 15 Nov 1784.

789. Margaret "Peggy" Willis was born on Feb 25 1741 in Orange County, VA. She died in 1812 in Kentucky.

She leaves the 100 acres she inherits from her brother Benjamin to Rowland and Lucey M. Botts of Orange Co., VA., in consideration of natural love and affection. Lucey was her dtr.

The bio on Robert Greene Terrell in error says "Margaret WILLIS, a daughter of Colonel WILLIS, whose wife was Mildred WASHINGTON, an aunt of General George WASHINGTON."

Children were:

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Sources for siblings and sibling's spouses:

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 9, 426