Married Jun 2 1805 in Greenup County, Kentucky.

196. Allen Poage was born on Jan 22 1778 in Augusta, VA.

Allen Poage was first mentioned in [Vermilion] county in 1822 in the year following the surveying of the state. He lived on a farm of 162 1/2 acres in Vance township in Vermilion county.

According to the abstract on the farm, he was the original land grant settler of this property.

When the will of Allen Poage was filed on May 14 1853, the heirs were James, Thomas, John and Margaret, his wife.

Allen died on Jun 5 1853 in Homer, Champaign, IL and the estate settled June 15, 1855.

Between Allen's death and 1900's some sort of cause to remove a cloud on the real estate was filed.  By then his wife and 12 of his children had died leaving only James, George T. and Margaret Hamlin (wife of Nathaniel).

The Poage family had a burial plot back of the house on their property with possibly five graves in it.

During the summer of 1987 the owner's son was plowing back of the house in Vermilion County, the plow dislodged a piece of Allen Poage's tombstone. After some searching two more pieces were found, making it a complete stone. The pieces were placed in jig-saw fashion on a well curb behind the house and laid there for several years.

The names and dates were said to have been very legible. The stone read: Allen Poage, died June 5, 1853, at the age of 75 yrs., 4 months, and 13 days.

In 1994, an avid genealogist and distant relative of Allen, David Peters and his wife were traveling through the area on vacation and made arrangements to go out and see the stone.  They offered to purchase it, but the owner gladly gave him the pieces and helped them load them into their car.

David had metal frames made to hold the stones together, then he and his son traveled to the Bowen Cemetery in Audubon Co., Iowa, where they dug the holes for the frame near his Daughter Margaret's Stone and epoxied the stone pieces together to fit into the frame.

Allen's daughter Louann Poage "Bailey" Smith is buried behind Allen's stone near the fence. [1]

197. Margaret Terrill was born on Aug 18 1790 in Boone, KY.

After Allen's death, Margaret traveled with her daughter Rebecca (who married John Tiffee) to California.  It seems John Tiffee went back fr his wife and mother-in-law and they rode out with a cattle drive to the Sacramento area.  Margaret then married John Arnold between that time and the 1960 census.

She died in Silveyville, Solano County ca. 1865.

Children were: (17 children in total, 3 of whom are said to have died in infancy)

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[1] From information found on Find a Grave, courtesy of Nancy and said to be gleaned from correspondence with the historical society.