282. Garret Roshore. 1769?-1841?

Might be in 1820 census - (came up in search, but I don't subscribe)

Garret Roshore found in:
Genealogical Records: New York, 1675-1920
Event:  Died     in:  09/13/1841     
Source:  The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly-1932) - Extracts     
Publisher:  New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
Publication Information:  New York, NY.    
Province:  New York    

From GEORGE WOOD pages 14-15.

"Garret Roshore was of French Hugenot [sic] family. He may have been descended from Pierre Rochar who was in New Rochelle in 1761 and in New York in 1771-1773. Name corruptions of Rochar are Reshaw, Reshore, Roshore. (M.H. Seacord, Biographical Sketches and Index of Huguenot Settles of New Rochelle, 1941, pg. 46). In the A.V. Wittmeyer Collections of the Huguenot Society of America (pg. 291) we find a record of baptisms, Apr. 12, 1761, Catherine, daughter of Pierre Rochard and Jeanne Badeau, born March 29, 1761, New Rochelle, and (pg 309) July 2, 1771, Girard son of Pierre Rochar and Jeanne Bado, born New York May 18, 1771. Was this Girard Rochar our Garrett Roshore? The Longworth New York City Directory show that a Garret Roshore, Laborer, lived in the city in 1802, 1812 and 1816. The were John Roshores in the city from 1793-1856 engaged in manufacturing silverware. In the latter year, John Roshore and Frank H. Roshore were in the Platt building at 4 Liberty place as thimble makers and silversmiths. The family connection is not known. Garret Roshore died Sept. 10, 1841 in his seventy-second year and was buried in the Amity Street Burying Ground, New York and later interred in the Platt Plot in Green-Wood." He was married to Maria Irving. (21)

283. Maria Irving died on Jun 22 1847.(14) She was buried after Jun 22 1847 in Huntington, Long Island, NY. (14) In the Green-Wood cemetary, Platt Plot. She was born in England. 

Children were:

child141 i. Eliza Roshore.

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