71688. Edmond Wood Jr. (162) was born in 1578 in Shelf, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1662 in Huntington, Long Island, NY.

Unknown Source:

"He was Church Warden in Halifax from 1604 and 1605. He emmigrated to America in April 1635, on board the ship "James", which left May 23 rd from Yorkshire, England. It took 3 months to cross the ocean. They arrived in Boston on August 17th, 1635. He was a widower with five children when he came to America in 1635. He also brought his nephew John Lome with him."

He was married to Margaret Lome on May 21 1611 in Yorkshire, England.

71689. Margaret Lome was christened on Jan 7 1581 in Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. She died before Apr 1635 in Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Children were:

child8992 i. Jonas Oram Wood Sr..

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