17922. Jonas Wood Jr. was born in 1640 in Huntington, NY.(108) He died on Jun 12 1689.(108)
Was in Huntington in 1666. (GEORGE Wood, Pg. 11)

The death date records as they are listed in GEORGE WOOD create all kinds of troubles such as children being born after their father's death. It is possible, likely even, that the death dates for Jonas Wood Sr. and Jonas Wood Jr. are reversed from those listed, and we will make that assumption for continuity of data.

"In his will of Feb. 20, 1688, Jonas Wood, who died June 12, 1689 at Huntington, left his surgeons tools to his son Jonas and mentions his daughters Elizabeth and Phebe and his sons-in-law, Isaac and Epenetus Platt. Later Epenetus Platt obtained official permission in New York to use surgeons tools and to practice medicine"

He was married to Elizabeth Strictland Children were:

child4489 i. Phebe Wood.
child8961 ii. Elizabeth Wood.

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