4480. Jonas Platt was born on Aug 10 1667.

9. JONAS3 PLATT (ISAAC2, RICHARD1) was born August 10, 1667 in Huntington, NY, and died in Huntington, NY. He married SARAH SCUDDER (Source: New Historical Society, Abstracts of Wills 1777-1783 Vol IX, (1900).) (Source: (1) The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania 1950., (2) Eliza Jane Johnson, "Newtown's History and Historian," CT, 1917: 406., (3) Frederick Virkus, Abridged Compendium Vol I.), daughter of TIMOTHY SCUDDER and SARAH WOOD.

Notes for JONAS PLATT:

Huntington Historical Society -

He participated in a number of land transactions around 1689-90.

On 6 September 1696, he quit-claimed to his three younger brothers his interest in the houses, lands and meadows devised to them under their father's will.

1730 - Sold land to Samuel Brush


Children of JONAS PLATT and SARAH SCUDDER are:

i. SARAH4 PLATT, b. 1694.

ii. ELIZABETH PLATT, b. 1695.

17. iii. JESSE PLATT, b. 1696, Huntington, NY.

iv. ISAAC PLATT, b. 1699; d. 1763.

18. v. OBADIAH PLATT, b. 1700, Huntington, NY.

vi. AMOS PLATT, b. 1704; d. Huntington, NY.

4481. Sarah Scudder died after 1686. (105) as her father's will, drawn in 12/2/1686 mentions Sarah.


<>Children were:

childSarah (1694-)
childElizabeth (1695-)<>
child2240 i. Jesse Platt.
childIsaac (1699-)
childObadiah (1700-)
childAmos (1704-)

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Notes for AMOS PLATT:

.--"Know all men by these Presents that I, AMOS PLATT, of Huntington, in Suffolk County, on Nassau Island, blacksmith, this 16 of August, 1771, being weak in body." I leave to my wife Sarah one good cow as she shall choose, and the use of 1/3 of all my lands and buildings so long as she remains my widow, and no longer. I give her 1/2 of my household goods. I leave to my son Zebulon the value of œ6, out of that piece of land lying near John Wheeler's, before any division; and I leave him 1/2 of all the remainder of said land. I leave to my daughter Zerviah all the rest of the piece of land lying near John Wheeler's, and 1/2 of my household goods. I leave to my son Nathan my homestead where I now live, with all the buildings, and all the remainder of the land that I bought of the executors of Abiel Titus, and all my Plain land lying on the Great Plains, in the Purchase lately made by Robert Williams. I leave to my wife for the use of the family 5 bushels of wheat, 5 of Rye, 10 of Indian Corn, and 1/4 of a fat cow, "and one swine to fat of the larger sort." I leave to my grandson, Amos Platt, one suit of my best wearing apparel, and the rest to my sons, Jonas and Nathan. I leave to my son Nathan all the rest of my movable estate, and he is to give to my wife, yearly, 6 pounds of wool, 10 of flax, and 2 cords of wood, and he is to pay all debts. I make my friends, Solomon Ketcham and Timothy Conkling, executors.

Witnesses, Thomas Conkling, Jr., Philip Conkling, Jeremiah Wood, Jr. Proved, November 27, 1772

vii. TIMOTHY PLATT, b. January 26, 1706/07.

viii. RUTH PLATT, b. 1715.