Great-Great Grandparents

Sabina in her wedding dress.

According to my mother (their granddaughter), James and Sabina worked in the home of a wealthy family in New York. James was a Chauffer and Sabina was the pastry chef.   They met and married at "work" though they had actually come from nearby towns in Ireland. After they were married, James wanted to run a bar, but prohibition was in effect and he and Sabina opened a candy store instead.  In those days candy stores sold more than just candy (e.g. newspapers and cigars) somewhat like a modern 7/11.  Just before the end of prohibition James finally got his bar and began operating as soon as prohibition was lifted.  The law required that bars serve food, so if any customer ever asked for food, Sabina would run upstairs to their home and make sandwiches. 

30. James Coffey.

James is said to have been very strong and very smart.  According to my mother (his granddaughter), he knew from his wealthy employers that the rich were pulling their money out of banks just prior to the crash in 1929.  He pulled his money out as well and had some cash to set himself up in business.

31. Sabina Fox was born in Ireland 23 Dec 1888 and came to the U.S. through Ellis Island on the Oceanic in 1910 at age 18. She was married at age 35 (in 1923) and went on to have 5 children; more than one of them named James .  She outlived her husband for many years and lived at the end of her life with her daughter Margaret and Margaret's  husband and children.  Her grandchildren called her "Nanny." She died in April 1982, 8 years short of 100 years old, but she would sometimes add years onto her life in hopes of getting to 100. She was very active and industrious.

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Children were:

  • 15 i. Margaret Coffey.
  • Anne?
  • James (who went by John) and died on the aircraft carrier Franklin in WWII
  • Marie - Married James Hanley
  • James (who went by Jimmy) wanted to enlist in WWII but couldn't because he was technically already deceased (Confusion with his brother with the same name)

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