Married 1834 in Prussia. (2)
72. Jacob Barvian(27) was born on Feb 2 1816 in Prussia.(2) He died on Mar 12 1901 in Town of Bennington, NY. (2) 

73. Catherine Willmuth was born on Dec 18 1809 in Prussia.(2) She died on Jul 24 1887 in Town of Bennington, NY.(2) of Chronic Nephritis

From the Barvian Family History:

"They [Jacob and Catherine] came to the Town of Bennington, Wyoming County, N.Y. from their native land in 1844 or 1845 with three children and Catherine's sister, Elizabeth Willmuth. Elizabeth resided with them until her death in 1960 at the age of 56 years. Jacob and Catherine located on Lot 10, Range 4, on what is known as the Burrough Road. Jacob in 1950 according to census reports was worth $500. According to old documents he farmed 99 and 1/4 acres of land. His farm is today owned by the Janish family.

Grandchildren tell how Jacob and Catherine spoke German, but would not teach their children or grandchildren, for they were now Americans, and their children should speak the language of the new land. The grandchildren also tell that Catherine would not let her children or would herself eat tomatoes for she thought them to be poison for she had never seen them in her native land.

Jacob and Catherine were Roman Catholics and attended St. Cecelia's R.C. church in Sheldon, which was approximately three miles from their home. Their family aided in the construction of the stone church which appears in this book [see notes to John Barvian].
Nothing is known of their life in Prussia, but it is known that Jacob's sister or cousin, Elizabeth Barvian, and her husband who she md. [married] in Prussia came to this same location in 1839. Their family does not appear in this book, for it is not known what relationship there was between Elizabeth and Jacob. No living relative recalls her family."
-- Barvian Family History, Anita Ripstein, 1973, opening entry (JAB)

1870 census
The 1870 census confirms that Jacob and his wife were born in Prussia and that Catherine was 5 (or 6 or 7...who's counting) years older than Jacob.  His age is 55, hers 60 (ish), his occupation farmer, hers keeping house.  Also living with them are John (21) - Farmer and Peter(?) 17, farm laborer and student. both born in New York.

1900 census
In 1900 he is 84 years old, widowed and living with his daughter and son in law (John Meeger?).  He lists is birthplace as Germany, rather than Prussia.  His son Peter (now 47) heads his own household now with a son and 4 or so daughters.

They are buried together at St. Cecelia's Cemetery

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