28. Thomas Joseph Carney was born about 1888 in Kittiniagh , Ireland. He came to the US in 1911, at age 23, on the ship Campania. He could read and write and he became a citizen of the U.S. in 1919. In 1920, he was a fireman at an electric light plant. It is possible that he might have been known sometimes as Tom, as is written in the 1925 Census at which time he was a stoker.   29. Catherine Reilly was born in Ireland in 1893. She immigrated in 1910 and became a U.S. Citizen in 1919. In 1932, she, Edna and Rosleen took a trip to Ireland and returned on the U.S.S Stuttgart. . 

In 1920, Thomas and Catherine were married and living in Manhattan. They had three kids, Michael (3) Edward (2) and Catherine (1). In 1930, they had moved to the Bronx, and had two more daughters, Edna (6) and Roseleen (3). In 1934, Thomas and Catherina had another daughter, Marie. Some time between 1934 ad 1940, Thomas must have died (between age 46 and 52).There is a Draft Registration Card for Thomas J. Carney, married to Catherine Carney filled out at the age of 49. However, this card say Thomas was born in 1892. So it is hard to either if this is the same person or what exaqct year that persone was born in. This Thomas worked at N.Y. Edison Co. and lived at 270 Seaman Ave in New York. That address is a 2 bedroom imagines a tight squeeze with 5-6 kids. In 1940, Catherine was head of the household and all of their children were still living at home. 24 year old Michael Patrick was a manager of a grocery store, 23 year old Edward was shrouded in census mystery (I can't read the note) and 22 year old Catherine was a stenographer.
Children were:

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