Married about 1595.(116)

21052. Rev. William Noyes (photo) was born in 1568 in England.(153) He died before Apr 30 1622 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England. (116)

From Little's State of Maine:

"The weight of authority seems to indicate the the family of Noyes is descended from on of the nobles of William the Conquerer of England in 1066. William des Noyers, one of these nobles whose name rendered into english is William of the Walnut trees, was a prominent figure. The name des Noyers by first dropping the article became Noyers and later was corrupted to Noyes.

"Rev. William Noyes was born in England in 1568, and died in Cholderton, in the county of Wilts, England before April 30, 1622. He matriculated at University College at Oxford, Nov. 15, 1588, and was admitted to the degree of BA, May 31, 1592. He was instituted rector of Cholderton, a place about 11 miles from Salisbury, in 1602, and served in that position until his death. The inventory of his estate was made April 30, 1622, and his widow appointed adminstratrix March 7, 1622. He married about 1595, Anne Parker, born 1575 and buried at Cholderton, March 7, 1657. Their children: Ephraim, Nathan, James, Nicholas, a daughter, name not known, and John."

From Noyes Descsendents, 29:

"In 1896 a letter was was received from Col. Henry T. Noyes, of Rochester, N.Y. from which the following extract is made: 'In 1883 I visited Choulderton, Wiltshire, England, and found some interesting facts. Rev. William Noyes' family at one time owned the living in Wiltshire, but their lands were confiscated by the crown, on account of the dissenting views held by them.

'I have a sketch of the old church, which, however, has been remodeled and a part made over into a parish school. The wife of Rev. WIlliam Noyes was a sister of the scholar, Robert Parker, whom mather called one of the greatest scholars of the English nation, and was, in a measure, the father of all "non-conformists."'

"The old church at Choulderton, of which Rev. William Noyes was rector, as shown in the cut was forty feet two inches in length, by sixteen feet three inches in width. It was said to have been torn down, or remodeled to a parish school, in 1850."
21053. Anne Parker was born in 1575. (116) She was buried on Mar 7 1657 in Cholderton, England.(116)

"Sister of Robert Parker, Learned Puritan" - 67 Swett-Allen. Her will can be found in the Noyes Biography.

Children were:

child5202 i.  Deacon Nicholas Noyes.

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